Trinity Series Season 2 Live Finals will be competitive debut for Kobolds & Catacombs

Regular season for Hearthstone Trinity Series Season 2 has come to a close, and four incredible teams will be heading to Live Finals from December 8-10. Kobolds & Catacombs will release on December 7 in the U.S., just two days before the start of this weekend’s tournament. Trinity Series players will be allowed to use cards from this expansion, and we are extremely excited to see how it will affect the Live Finals.

With the new expansion, each class will receive a new Legendary Weapon as well as a new Elemental card. Additionally, there are three new types of cards being introduced to the current meta:

  • Spellstones

If a player has a Spellstone card in their hand, they can increase the power of the Spell Stone by fulfilling certain trigger conditions.

  • New Keyword: Recruit

Cards with the keyword “Recruit” will immediately summon minions from the player’s deck and put them into play. Some cards recruit minions that meet certain conditions, while others will randomly recruit minions from the player’s deck.

  • Unidentified cards

Unidentified cards will gain characteristics in addition to their base attributes once the player draws them.

Kobolds & Catacombs is sure to shake up the current meta, and so far, it appears that Priest, Druid, Mage, and Warlock will be the most obviously affected classes in the competitive scene. In addition, Rogue is getting Secrets, which is well-deserved from a flavor standpoint.

Dragon Priest decks will benefit immensely from Duskbreaker, which deals three damage to all other minions if the player has a Dragon in their hand. At four mana 3/3, it is a great value compared to Excavated Evil, which deals three damage to all minions for five mana. Competitively, this may impact decks built around Keleseth. It’s also important to consider that Dragon Priest already has a lot of power to clear the board.

Twig of the World Tree is a Legendary Weapon for Druid which costs four mana with 1/5. Its Deathrattle gives the player 10 mana, which opens up the possibility for some interesting combos, especially in late game. However, the new Legendary may prove to be too slow for competitive play.

The new Legendary Weapon for Mage, Alueneth, allows the player to draw three cards for up to three turns. At six mana, this card is somewhat costly. However, Burn Mage will likely benefit from being able to draw as many spells as possible.

Some of the new Warlock cards have the potential to improve Zoo decks. Kobold Librarian’s Battlecry allows the player to draw a card after doing two damage to their hero for one mana 2/1. The card draw is immensely powerful, especially attached to the 2/1 body. There may be some creative play in using Amethyst Spellstone to utilize the damage for upgrades.

Vulgar Homunculus is a Demon card for Warlock at two mana for a 2/4 Taunt. Its Battlecry does two damage to the player’s hero, which can also be used to upgrade Amethyst Spellstone. At two mana for a 2/4 Taunt card, the new Demon is a great value that may make an appearance alongside Kobold Librarian in Finals.

For the first time ever, the Rogue class will be receiving three new Secret cards in the new expansion. For two mana, Cheat Death allows the player to return a friendly minion to their hand upon its death, but for two mana less. Sudden Betrayal costs two mana, and will trick an opposing minion into attacking one of its neighbors if it tries to attack your hero. Lastly, with Evasion, if a player’s hero takes damage, it will become Immune the next turn. In a meta that is already seeing a lot of Rogue decks, the addition of Secrets may give Rogue the defensive abilities needed for different iterations of Rogue, possibly even Miracle, to appear at Finals.

The Trinity Series finals will see four professional hearthstone teams adapt and grapple with a brand new set! Will compLexity, last season's champions be able to harnass their creative deck building to win again? Will Love U Lots, who barely made it to the finals, prove their worth? How will the new addition to the Virtus.Pro roster, Casie, do under the pressure of the finals, and will Dog from Team Liquid finally take his shirt off?


Tune into the Live Finals of Trinity Series Season 2 from December 8-10 on the ESL Hearthstone Twitch channel or Facebook page! Watch the action live and be sure to follow along for highlights and additional content on the ESL Hearthstone Twitter and Facebook.


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