Love U Lots become Hearthstone Trinity Series Season 2 Champions

After an intense Season 2 of Hearthstone Trinity Series, only four teams advanced to compete at the Live Finals in Burbank, California for their share of a $150,000 prize pool. Each team battled through three days of heated competition, but it was Love U Lots who emerged as the Trinity Series Season 2 Champions.

The new Kobolds & Catacombs expansion for Hearthstone was released just before the start of Trinity Series Live Finals and the teams had less than 24 hours to practice with the new cards. Let’s take a look at how the weekend unfolded!


compLexity vs. G2A

In the first match of the day, compLexity and traded wins until Game 9. With the score tied 4-4, were looking to secure back-to-back wins to advance to the Upper Bracket Finals. In Game 9,’s Mage forced compLexity’s Rogue to concede, allowing to take match point.

In Game 10, compLexity fought hard to stay in the series, but after a heated battle, came out on top and took the series 6-4, winning their first match of Finals and advancing to Upper Bracket Finals.

Love U Lots vs. Team Liquid

In the second match of the day, LUL started the series off with three straight wins against Liquid using Rogue. Despite a Game 4 win for Liquid with Mage, LUL fought back with Paladin, taking three more wins against Liquid to win the series. The 6-1 win opened up the way for LUL to face in Upper Bracket Finals in Day 2.

DAY 2 vs. LUL: Upper Bracket Finals

In Day 2 of Trinity Series Live Finals, LUL maintained their momentum from the previous day when they started off their match against with four straight wins with Secret Mage. In Game 5, got on the board by backing LUL into a corner with their Big Druid deck and forcing LUL to concede.

In Game 7, LUL were at match point, and definitely seemed poised to win the series. put forth a valiant effort with their Mage deck, but LUL overwhelmed them with their Rogue. With yet another 6-1 win in Finals, LUL moved on to Grand Finals on Day 3.

compLexity vs. Liquid: Lower Bracket Semifinal

In the Lower Bracket Semifinal, compLexity and Liquid both sought to push through the lower bracket to meet LUL in the Grand Finals match on Day 3. compLexity came out strong in this match with three straight Rogue wins to start the series.

Liquid gained traction after a Game 4 win with Murlocc Paladin, taking the series to 3-1 in favor of compLexity. The two teams traded wins until Game 8, when Liquid’s Secret Mage defeated compLexity’s Warlock to tie the series 4-4.

With one well-placed Fireball to compLexity’s Hero, Liquid defeated compLexity’s Paladin and brought the series to 5-4 in their favor.

Liquid were able to end the match in Game 10 in order to move on Day 3 of Finals after continuing their Mage win-streak against compLexity’s Recruit Warrior deck. The Game 10 win earned Liquid their sixth win of the series and allowed them to advance to Lower Bracket Finals against

DAY 3 vs. Liquid: Lower Bracket Finals

After battling through the first two days of Finals, both teams were set on meeting LUL in the Grand Finals match at the end of the day. Liquid were aggressive as they took four straight wins with Rogue against fought back with Murlocc Paladin, earning back-to-back wins in Game 5 and 6. Now with the series 4-2 in favor of Liquid, they were able to take out’s Paladin with their Shaman to secure match point. With the aid of the Evolve mechanic, Liquid took Game 8, winning the match and advancing to Grand Finals to meet LUL.

Liquid vs. LUL: Grand Finals

In the conclusive match of Live Finals, LUL and Liquid faced off for the title of Trinity Series Season 2 Champions. LUL were dominant at the start of the series with Aggro Druid, taking two straight wins against Liquid. With the series at 3-0 due to the Winner’s Bracket advantage for LUL, Liquid responded with back-to-back Quest Warrior wins to take the series to 3-2.

In a critical game, LUL took their third win of the series with Warlock, bringing the score to 4-2 before immediately following up with a Game 7 win to secure match point. In an incredibly quick Game 8, LUL came out victorious over Liquid, securing the title of Trinity Series Season 2 Champions and the $75,000 first place prize.

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