Regular season of Hearthstone Trinity Series Season 2 comes to a close, four teams advance to Live Finals

Over the past seven weeks, we’ve seen eight Hearthstone teams fight for a chance to go to the Trinity Series Live Finals in Burbank, California. Now that we have completed the final week of Season 2, the top four teams will go on to compete for their share of a $150,000 USD prize pool and the title of Trinity Series Season 2 Champions.

At the end of Week 7, Planet Odd, Team Liquid, G2A, and compLexity were the four teams who clinched their places at Live Finals. However, shortly after the season concluded, Planet Odd declined their invitation to compete and Team Love U Lots, the 5th place team, stepped into the competition.

Let’s take a look at what went down in the Week 7 matches before we head into the Finals this December!


Match 1: G2A vs G2 Esports

In the first match of the day, the winner of the series between G2 and moved on to Live Finals. In Game 1, started off the match by defeating G2’s Rogue with their Mage. Both teams knew that every game was crucial, and fought hard to keep their opponent from running away with the series. By Game 4, G2 tied the series after using their Warlock to take out’s Shaman. broke the tie with N’Zoth Warrior in Game 5. However, G2 managed to tie the series once again in Game 6 after pulling out their Mage and unleashing a vicious onslaught of Fireballs that decimated’s Warrior. responded to the loss with back-to-back wins with Rogue, staving off a close call in Game 8 against G2’s Shaman.

With at Match Point in the face of G2’s Paladin, G2 needed to stop the bleeding in order to clinch their place at Finals. Despite a valiant effort from G2, overwhelmed G2 in a Rogue mirror match, earning the final win they needed in order to advance to Live Finals.

Match 2: Team Love U Lots vs TempoStorm

In the second match of Week 7, LUL needed a match win against Tempo Storm in order to advance to Live Finals. It was Rogue against Rogue in Game 1, but Tempo Storm’s deck ultimately came out on top over LUL. Tempo Storm continued on to defeat LUL’s Mage, and then their Shaman.

With the series now 3-0, LUL needed their Warlock to take out Tempo Storm’s Rogue in Game 4. LUL managed to play Tempo Storm into a corner, forcing them to concede. In Game 5, Tempo Storm’s Warrior struggled against LUL’s Warlock. With tensions rising on both sides, LUL were able to capitalize on any small mistake Tempo Storm made, allowing them to take a crucial victory to bring the series to 3-2.

Both teams brought Warlock to Game 6, but after 40 minutes of intense gameplay, Tempo Storm’s Sniper Warlock emerged victorious. LUL were down two matches by Game 7, and after another fierce 36-minute battle, LUL’s Warrior took out Tempo Storm’s Warlock. With LUL gaining traction, Tempo Storm needed to fight back in order to prevent a reverse sweep. Tempo Storm’s Paladin secured back-to-back wins in Game 8 and 9, taking the series to 6-3 and earning Tempo Storm their final victory of the season.


Match 1: Misfits vs Planet Odd

To start off Day 2, Misfits faced off against Planet Odd, with the winner of the match advancing to Live Finals. The match began with a Rogue mirror match in Game 1, which ended in a victory for Misfits via Leeroy Jenkins.

In Game 2, Planet Odd brought out Quest Pirate Warrior, which ran away with the series. Despite an impressive effort from Misfits, Planet Odd plowed through their opponent’s heroes to achieve an incredible five game win streak with their Warrior. The 6-1 series win gave Planet Odd their final victory of the season and clinched their place in Live Finals.

Match 2: Team Liquid vs compLexity

In the final series of the season, Liquid only needed one game win over compLexity in order to move on to Live Finals. The last match of Season 2 brought two Warlock decks against each other, where Liquid came out on top with a very important Game 1 victory. compLexity responded by securing two wins in a row against Liquid using Rogue, which took the series to 2-1 in favor of compLexity.

In Game 4, Liquid mirrored compLexity in yet another Rogue versus Rogue faceoff. After adapting to compLexity’s strategy, Liquid were able to take three consecutive wins to lead the series 4-2. compLexity needed to prevent Liquid from running away with the match, and after some impressive draws, a Hunter victory for compLexity helped slow Liquid’s momentum in Game 7.

In Game 8, compLexity’s Hunter continued on to defeat Liquid’s Taunt Warrior, their Shaman, and then finally, their Paladin to complete an amazing four-win streak to defeat Liquid. Both compLexity and Liquid will go on to compete in Live Finals, with Liquid in 2nd place and compLexity in 4th.


Tune into the Live Finals of Trinity Series Season 2 from December 8-10 on the ESL Hearthstone Twitch channel or Facebook page! Watch the action live and be sure to follow along for highlights and additional content on the ESL Hearthstone Twitter and Facebook.


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