Team Liquid rises to the top in Week 6 of Hearthstone Trinity Series

We’re in the final weeks of Season 2 of the Hearthstone Trinity Series, and the fight for the top four placings heated up in Week 6. At the start of the week, G2 Esports and LOVE U LOTS were tied for first place at 24-20 W/L, with Misfits and Team Liquid in third and fourth place respectively.


Match 1: Team Liquid vs G2 Esports

The first match of Day 1 brought Team Liquid, the number four team, up against G2 Esports, who were tied for first. After Neirea left Liquid for G2, many fans anticipated a possible grudge match between the two teams, and any tensions in this series would be heightened with the added pressure of Finals approaching.

Game 1 pitted G2’s Mage deck against Liquid’s Warlock. After a heated game, G2 Esports seemed confident that they would win. Unfortunately, they miscalculated the amount of Fatigue Damage they would take, allowing Liquid to take the first win. G2 were able to tie the series in Game 2 and took out Liquid’s Warlock with their Rogue deck, but Liquid responded by bringing Mage to Game 3 taking four straight wins.

With the series at 5-1 in favor of Liquid, G2 needed to work some magic with their Shaman in order to gain crucial points to stay in the top four. G2 managed to defeat Liquid’s Mage, but it wasn’t enough to stave off a 6-2 loss in Game 8. With Dog controlling the Rogue deck took the final victory of the series, pushing Liquid to number one in the rankings with 32-24.

Match 2: TempoStorm vs compLexity

In a surprising start to the second series of the day, compLexity self-banned Warrior and keep the Hunter. With compLexity so close to making top four, bringing Hunter to Trinity Series seemed like a risky move, especially with Tempo Storm’s recent change of luck.

The two teams traded wins until Game 3, when Tempo Storm took down compLexity’s Paladin with their Warlock. Tempo Storm continued to wreak havoc with their Warlock, taking three straight wins until meeting compLexity’s Hunter in Game 6.

The series was 4-2 in favor of Tempo Storm heading into Game 7, where Tempo Storm were able to halt compLexity’s Hunter using their Rogue. Now at match point, Tempo Storm seemed poised to win the series. compLexity fought back by defeating Tempo Storm’s Rogue with their Mage deck, but unfortunately for compLexity, Tempo Storm came back in Game 9 with Paladin and ended the series at 6-3.


Match 1: G2A vs Misfits

The first matchup of the day was a back and forth battle of control decks. Misfits and started the series by trading wins until won Game 4 using their Rogue deck and then taking the lead with a Game 5 win that took out Misfits’ Rogue.

With the series now at 3-2, Misfits wanted a Game 6 win to prevent from running away from the series, and they did just that with their Warlock deck, tying the series 3-3. By Game 7, the series had been going on for almost four hours. Both teams fought hard in Game 7 to break the tie, but after almost half an hour, came out on top with their Warrior deck to bring the series to 4-3.

By Game 8, both teams knew that they weren’t going to have any wins handed to them. Misfits used their Paladin deck to earn a win over’s Warrior and tie the series 4-4. brought out Shaman for Game 9, and secured the two final victories they needed to win the series at 6-4. The win brought to the number six placement from number seven, improving their shot at making top four in time for the end of regular season.

Match 2: Team Love U Lots vs Planet Odd

In the last series of Week 6, LUL and Planet Odd traded wins for the first four games in the matchup. Planet Odd broke the stalemate in Game 5, when they secured 3 wins in a row using their Rogue deck.

In Game 8, with Planet Odd at match point, LUL brought their Rogue up against Planet Odd’s Rogue deck. After a great draw for LUL, they managed to take down Planet Odd’s Rogue and take the series to 5-3, still in favor of the opposing team.

Everyone was expecting Planet Odd to bring Mage to Game 9, but they surprised everyone––including LUL––by showing up with Control Paladin. LUL seemed to struggle with the matchup, allowing Planet Odd to take the final win of the series. With a huge 6-3 win, Planet Odd climbed to second place in the standings.


Will Team Liquid be able to stay on top in the final week of the regular season? Who will make the top four and go to Finals? Tune in for Week 7 of Trinity Series on the ESL Hearthstone Twitch channel on November 15-16 starting at 10AM PDT! Be sure to follow the ESL Hearthstone Twitter and Facebook page for additional content as we wrap up Season 2 of Trinity Series.


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