Teams fight to stay in Top 8 in Week 10 of North American Call of Duty World League

With only two weeks left in the Call of Duty World League Pro Division, presented by PlayStation 4, the fight to stay in the Top 8 is starting to heat up. The Stage 2 Finals will take place from July 14-17, and every team wants a chance to compete for the championship title.


The first match of Week 10 was compLexity vs. 100 Thieves. 100T had a strong showing, starting off strong with a 2-0 lead, but it soon fell apart. compLexity soared back in and completed a reverse sweep to win 3-2.

In the next match of the night, Cloud9 continued to impress as they took down eLevate with a 3-1 win.

Our next match on Day 1 saw FaZe Clan go up against Team EnVyUs. While EnVyUs were able to win the Search and Destroy, FaZe won all the respawn modes, which lead to their 3-1 series victory.

In the final match of Day 1, Dream Team took on a struggling Rise Nation. This was an impressive series from DT as they completed a 3-0 upset win over Rise.


Day 2 of Week 10 started off with EnVyUs going up against DT. Although DT were able to win S&D, EnVyUs dominated the Hardpoint, Uplink, and CTF to win the series 3-1.

The second match of Day 2 was Rise vs. 100T. Surprisingly, the Hardpoint and S&D matches were extremely close, but ended in Rise’s favor. 100T collapsed on Uplink, losing 1-16 and Rise won the series 3-0.

Next up, OpTic Gaming vs. Cloud9. The S&D match in this series saw OpTic comeback from behind at 3-5. This series went to a Game 4 CTF, where OpTic were able to close it out 1-0 to win the series 3-1.

An upset ended the night on Day 2. H2K, finally seeming to rebound after a sluggish performance, went all the way to a Game 5 vs. FaZe. H2K were able to win Game 5 and take the series 3-2.


This week, we had two matches of the week. H2K went up against Luminosity and OpTic went head to head against eLevate.

Luminosity dominated in Hardpoint Game 1 250-117, with big plays from StuDy, but the tides turned foor H2K in S&D. The series went all the way to a Game 5, where H2K were able to close it out and win 3-2. With this loss, Luminosity falls all the way to 10th place in the standings.

The second match of the week started off with OpTic dominating in Hardpoint against eLevate, winning 250-78.

OpTic continued their strong performance, lead by big plays from Crimsix, in Game 2 Search and Destroy with a 6-4 win. The series ended in Game 3 Uplink where OpTic won 11-3 and took the series 3-0.

The off-stream match for Week 10 was Team SoloMid vs. compLexity. This series went all the way to a Game 5, where compLexity secured the win. A VOD will be available on the Call of Duty YouTube channel soon.



The Call of Duty World League Pro Division action returns on Monday, June 27 at 3:30PM PDT/6:30PM EDT live here. Be sure to follow ESL Call of Duty on Twitter and Facebook for the latest #CWLPS4 news!


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