Tied teams are fighting for five spots in Stage 2 Finals after Week 11 of the North American Call of Duty World League

We had an action-packed week in the North American Call of Duty World League, presented by PlayStation 4, and things ended with many teams still tied in the standings. This sets the stage for an epic Week 12 where the top eight teams will be decided. Here’s a look at the action from Week 11.


First up, Team SoloMid battled Dream Team, and even though many expected this series to go in Dream Team’s favor, TSM refused to back down. While DT took Hardpoint, TSM won all three respawns to win the series 3-1.

The next match of the night was one of the most interesting the CWL has seen. First place OpTic Gaming played last place 100 Thieves, and the series went all the way to Game 5. 100 Thieves, led by ACHES, brought in a new style of ban and protects, which forced OpTic to adapt and play differently. For the first time in the CWL, 100T won an Uplink match, but this victory was not enough. The game ended in S&D Game 5, which went to OpTic in Round 11.

The final match of Day 1 was compLexity vs. Luminosity. compLexity had a big hill to climb in order to get out of the elimination zone, as Luminosity looked unstoppable. And they were: LG ran through this series with a 3-0 win.


Dream Team’s struggles continued into Day 2 of Week 11. They had a strong 2-0 series lead going up against H2K, but H2K went all out and completed a reverse sweep, winning Game 5 in Round 11.

With compLexity just under the top eight in the standings, every series becomes crucial for them to win, including their Week 11 Day 2 match against Rise Nation. But Rise, after having a few off weeks, showed their strength in this series and took it 3-0.

The action continued with eLevate vs. FaZe Clan, a matchup that ended with an upset. FaZe took Game 1 and Game 3, while eLevate took Game 2 and 4 to force a final Search and Destroy. But FaZe could not hold on in S&D against eLevate, losing the map 3-6 and the series 2-3.

The final match of Day 2 was TSM vs. Cloud9. C9 continued with their strong performance and won 3-1.


The first match on Day 3 was H2K vs. 100 Thieves. Although 100T were able to keep the games close, H2K came out on top to win the series 3-0.

The second match was eLevate against Dream Team. DT was looking to bounce back after their brutal Game 5 loss on Day 1, and they did just that. While eLevate took the Hardpoint game, DT won the next three in a row to win the match 3-1.

Team EnVyUs played Rise in the next match of Day 2. This series was a close one, heading all the way to a Game 5. EnVyUs won Hardpoint, with big plays from Slasher, and Search Destroy.

Rise were able to bounce back with wins in Uplink and CTF. Game 5 went all the way to a round 11, where EnVyUs were able to close it out.

An upset occurred in the fourth match of the day, which was TSM vs. Luminosity. LG have been on a roll recently, but TSM have shown that they are still putting up a fight. The series went back and forth and once again we ended at a Game 5. TSM proved to be a stronger S&D team, as they won it 6-5 and took the series 3-2.

The final match of Day 2 saw Cloud9 go up against compLexity. compLexity’s downfall in Week 11 continued. They lost this series to C9 who swept them 3-0, and ended the week with an 0-9 map count. C9 continues to hold their place in the standings, but with two matches left, every win matters.

The off-stream match for this week was 100 Thieves vs. EnVyUs, and EnVyUs were able to close out the series 3-1.


The match of the week for Week 11 was OpTic vs. FaZe. Game 1 Hardpoint went down to the wire, as OpTic were able to just narrowly win 250-247 with big plays from Karma.

OpTic continued their strong start into Search Destroy, winning 6-2. FormaL had some incredible sniper shots during the match.

Game 3 Uplink was hard fought, but went to FaZe 9-7. The series continued on to a CTF, where FaZe were able to win in OT. A clutch heat wave play from Karma in Game 5 Search and Destroy led OpTic to a 6-4 win and a 3-2 series victory.




There is only one week left in the North American Call of Duty World League Pro Division! Tune in starting Tuesday, July 5 at 2PM PDT/5PM EDT live here for Week 12 of the CWL. Be sure to follow ESL Call of Duty on Twitter and Facebook for the latest #CWLPS4 news.


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