Prizes revealed for League Grand Finals

A while back we teased the League Grand Finals event, set to take place in Warsaw, Poland from the 4th-6th April 2014. - Today, announced more details about the prizes and how the US$300,000 prize pool will be distributed. 

The trophy

Fourteen teams are set to converge on the capital of Poland come beginning of April to battle it out for the above trophy, a giant cheque and the right to call themselves the global World of Tanks champions. Unofficially nicknamed "the Monolith", the trophy is skillfully crafted from steel and set to commemorate one team's achievements for years to come. Who will that be? We'll have to wait and see.

Prize distribution

As hinted above, there is a considerable prize pool (US$300,000!) that will be split amongst the winning teams. Interesting is how intend to do this: in part the prize money a team receives will be dependent on how well they place in the competition (first place, second place, etc.). However, a deciding factor will also be how well each team's "battle-to-battle" performance is: a team will earn themselves more prize money by scoring fewer loses and draws. 

There will be a set amount of prize money that can be earned for every matchup, with the prize money increasing the further into the competition a team progresses. A draw will result in the available prize money for that particular matchup being withdrawn and placed in the Blitz Mechanism. 

This means that if a team becomes the Global Finals champions without having lost a single match, they stand to win over US$100,000!

Blitz Mechanism 

The "Blitz Mechanism" rewards teams that defeat their opponents quickly. As already mentioned, when two teams draw the available prize money for that matchup will be put in the Blitz Mechanism pool. At the end of each day, the money in this pool (if any) will be awarded to the team that has defeated their opponents in the shortest amount of time. - Hopefully this, alongside the prize distribution, will encourage teams to be more aggressive leading to more exciting games for everyone to enjoy.

More information concerning the Grand Finals will be made available nearer the time. Stay tuned and as always, for more information check out the official website:


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