Final set to be a PvP after an intense third day of StarCraft II

The two players set to battle it out for the winner takes all US$100,000 prize purse have been decided after yet another amazing day of StarCraft II. At 15:30 CET tomorrow, Kim “herO” Joon Ho and Kim “sOs” Yoo Jin will face off in the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Final. Don’t you dare miss the best of seven series! With the pressure set so high, it’s bound to be amazing.

In case you were unable to watch all of the games today, here’s my top three that you absolutely must see: 

  • Polt vs. Dear
    In the first TvP Semifinal of the day, things were not looking good for Choi “Polt” Seong Hun as he dropped the first game to a dominant Baek “Dear” Dong Jun. The series turned out to be a close one, eventually going to a sudden death fifth game in which Polt proved he had what it took to advance. A great series that had everyone on the edge of their seats. If it didn’t have you on the first go, maybe it will on the second?  
  • jjakji vs. sOs
    2013 WCS Global Finals champion, Kim “sOs” Yoo Jin showcased three completely different strategies in his semifinal series against Jung “jjakji” Ji Hoon to win 3:0. Well worth (re)watching if only for the third game when sOs builds Carriers for the win! A true StarCraft II innovator. 
  • TaeJa vs. Life
    The only TvZ of the semifinals featured an epic first game: Yun “TaeJa” Young Seo eventually went 1-0 up but only after an exhaustingly long game featuring some excellent plays from Lee “Life” Seung Hyun. The second game went much the same way, in the sense that Life put up an good fight, ultimately falling short as TaeJa extended his lead. Hopes were high for the Comeback King after he took the third game but it simply wasn’t meant to be. If the plight of the Zerg is something you sympathize with, then this series is a definite must-see.   

The internet is really, really great

If you weren’t monitoring social media like we were, you might have missed the following (which would be very sad for you): 

  • Kingslayer James “Kaelaris” Carrol
    What you are about to see is beyond excellent. 

    There’s also one of iNcontroL (although I doubt he’ll like it much). Back to Kaelaris: thanks to the amazing job he’s done throughout this Intel Extreme Masters (a well done to all the commentators, really!), he’s also gained some great feedback and praise on Reddit. Well done to him! We look forward to seeing more of him in WCS Europe.  
  • herO’s new shoes
    Yesterday HyuN was awarded his pair, and today it was herO’s turn

As always, you can watch all of the VODs (for both StarCraft and League of Legends as well as the EMS One CS:GO competition) over on the ESL TV YouTube channel. Join us tomorrow at 15:30 CET for the StarCraft II Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Final. For more information (including full brackets), please visit

Also: don’t forget to head over to the Intel Extreme Masters Facebook page to vote for who you think the World Championship Sickest Nerd Baller is! 


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