ESL One Battlefield 4: new cups, new chances

A month has passed since MeetYourMakers was crowned champion of the EMS One Winter Season in spectacular fashion, and we are already prepared to kick off the new season under the new ESL One banner. This move puts Battlefield into the same exciting tournament series that will be filling a World Cup Stadium in Frankfurt and which will spearhead exciting new things in the world of CS:GO.

So what awaits us for Battlefield 4 during the ESL One Spring Season?

Although the name is different, there will be few short-run changes for Battlefield 4. That means for the moment we’ll be sticking to the same schedule and will once again use the Domination game mode format. We are, however, in cooperation with Dice in order to explore the possibility of adding other game modes to the lineup. Want to be part of this process? Give us your feedback on the ESL forums!

•    April 1st – April 2nd – Seasonal Cup #1
•    April 8th – April 9th – Seasonal Cup #2
•    April 15th – April 16th – Seasonal Cup #3
•    April 22nd – April 23rd – Seasonal Cup #2
•    April 28th – Groupstage Group A
•    April 30th – Groupstage Group B
•    May 5th – Groupstage Group C
•    May 24th – May 25th – Season Finals

Last season’s top 12 will duke it out with each other as well as regional A-series challengers on a weekly basis throughout April. These weekly Seasonal Cups will eventually culminate in group playoffs, which will in turn lead to the Season Finals at the end of May, where competitors will be joined by the top Go4 team for a Battlefield 4 showdown worth tuning in for. For more information on A-Series and Go4 Qualification visit the announcement news on our Battlefield 4 portal.

If last season’s success is any indication for what’s to come, we can expect great things this spring. With €30,000 on the line, the stakes are high, and the participating teams are sure to give it their all in order to try and fill MeetYourMakers’ shoes as the reigning champion. The first cup will be played on April the 1st – make sure you don’t miss out on the action!


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