Halo World Championship team profile: Evil Geniuses

TEAM: Evil Geniuses
REGION: North America
WEBSITE: www.evilgeniuses.gg
TWITTER: EvilGeniuses
FACEBOOK: EvilGeniuses

  • Snipedown (Team Captain)
    Real Name: Eric Wrona
  • Lunchbox
    Real Name: Jason Brown
  • Roy
    Real Name: Justin Brown
  • Commonly
    Real Name: Hamza Abbaali
  • Coach: Towey
    Real Name: Ryan Towey

Evil Geniuses have been at the center of a roster drama during the road up to the Halo World Championship. One of their players, Lethul, left after the Qualifiers to join Counter Logic Gaming. EG picked up Commonly in his place, and soundly defeated CLG to win first place at the X Games. But CLG roared back at the Halo World Championship Tour: Columbus and beat EG in the semifinals. Many fans would love to see these two clash again at the HWC next weekend.

ESL: What is your team's strongest/weakest map?
EG: Right now our strongest map is most likely Eden, especially at tournaments. Eden is very power weapon and power up oriented for both the Team Slayer and Strongholds gametypes, and our team is able to take advantage of making great rotations and focusing on those power weapons especially at live tournaments with Towey. Our weakest gametype is most likely Regret Team Slayer.

ESL: In your opinion, what is the best spartan ability and what's the best way to use it?
EG: The best spartan ability without a doubt the Thruster Pack. Being able to use your thrust at a high level exponentially increases your range of movement and options for evading players / making plays. It is typical for a high caliber player to have extremely high awareness of using their thrust at the appropriate times not just in individual battles but also objectively for creating/running flag routes, staying alive, and finishing important kills.

ESL: What was the greatest obstacle your team had to overcome in order to qualify for worlds?
EG: The biggest obstacle we had to overcome without a doubt was the departure of our long time teammate Lethul. Our team with TJ saw incredible success winning five consecutive tournaments throughout HCS Seasons 1 and 2 for Halo 2: Anniversary and it came as a complete shock to not only us but the entire competitive Halo community that he would leave our team only three days before the rosters officially locked for the Halo World Championship, and before we ever competed in a live Halo 5 tournament. Fortunately we were able to pick up an amazing player in Commonly and are looking forward to our inevitable rematch once again with Counter Logic Gaming.

ESL: What part of your game does your team have to improve on most in order to win?
EG: Playing Halo competitively is so intricately detailed that there is hardly ever one sole reason or part of a game that need's improvement in order to see success, there are always multiple things we can focus on improving. The most significant thing our team needs to work on right now is playing patiently at the appropriate times and aggressively at the appropriate times, using small talk and more efficient communication to direct each other on both map control and the objective for each gametype.

ESL: Which team are you most excited to play? Least excited to play?
EG: Without a doubt our team is most excited to play CLG again. We have always said it doesn't matter who you have to play or what the brackets are because you have to beat every team in order to win but it was certainly unfortunate that we had to play CLG in the semi-finals at the North American Regional. Hopefully as the tournament unfolds at HWC we are able to secure a spot in the bracket opposite of CLG, I'm sure they would agree that while we both are looking forward to playing each other again neither of us would like to meet before the finals.

The Halo World Championship will happen live in Hollywood, California on March 18-20 where 16 teams from around the world will compete for the title of Halo World Champion and a share of the $2,500,000 prize pool. Follow us for more #HaloWC news on Facebook and Twitter as we get closer to what promises to be the biggest Halo event the world has ever seen!


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