ESL One Frankfurt: Let the battle begin

It’s time to decide who will join Natus Vincere and Alliance at ESL One Frankfurt this June. The European open bracket qualifier has already finished, but now the real work starts.

Sixteen teams enter the second stage of the qualifier but only three will be able to qualify for the tournament itself. The teams will be split up into four groups of four, with the first place finishers of two groups fighting it out for that much-wanted ticket to Frankfurt. The remaining slot will be decided through a final grid, which be the last chance for some of the teams to qualify for Frankfurt.

You’ll be able to watch all games on the joinDOTA Twitch channel.

Tickets for ESL One Frankfurt are still available on the official website.


The groups for stage 2 of the European Qualifier:

Group A

  • Empire
  • MeetYourMakers
  • Monomaniacs

Group B

  • rox.KIS
  • Team Dog
  • Relax
  • ONE

Group C

  • Fnatic
  • Power Rangers
  • Duza

Group D

  • Cloud 9
  • Goomba
  • Hehe United  


The current schedule for stage 2 of the European Qualifier (all times are CEST (GMT+2)):

Monday April 14th

  • 19:00 – rox.KIS vs. Team Dog
  • 21:00 – rox.KIS vs. ONE

Wednesday April 16th

  • 21:00 – Goomba vs. Hehe United

Thursday April 17th

  • 17:00 – Fnatic vs.
  • 19:00 – Fnatic vs. Power Rangers
  • 21:00 – Power Rangers vs. Duza

Monday April 21th

  • 18:00 – Fnatic vs. Duza
  • 20:00 – MeetYourMakers vs. Monomaniacs
  • 22:00 – Cloud 9 vs.

Tuesday April 22nd

  • 16:00 – rox.KIS vs. Relax
  • 18:00 – Team Dog vs. Relax
  • 20:00 – Empire vs. Monomaniacs
  • 22:00 – vs. Goomba

Wednesday April 23th

  • 17:00 – Empire vs.
  • 19:00 – vs. Hehe United

Thursday April 24th

  • 18:00 – Empire vs. MeetYourMakers
  • 20:00 – Cloud 9 vs. Goomba
  • 22:00 – Cloud 9 vs. Hehe United

Friday April 25th

  • 18:00 – vs. Monomaniacs
  • 20:00 – vs. Duza
  • 22:00 – Team Dog vs. ONE

Saturday April 26th

  • 17:00 – Power Ranger vs.
  • 19:00 – vs. MeetYourMakers
  • 21:00 – ONE vs. Relax

Sunday April 27th

  • Tiebreakers if required

Monday April 28th

  • 18:00 – Group A and B Final

Tuesday April 29th

  • 18:00 – Group C and D Final

While this schedule was made in cooperation with the teams and other leagues, changes may still occur.


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