Calculated recklessness: we interview nDurance Gaming in the leadup to the Evolve Major League finals

Tomorrow from 18:00 CEST, four top Evolve teams will face off at the ESL studios in Katowice, Poland for their share of a €10,000 prize pool as well as the prestigious Evolve Major League title. Team YP, nDurance Gaming, EYES ON U and Team Potato Aim have all earned the right to compete, but only one team can emerge victorious...

In this short but sweet interview, nDurance Gaming give us an insight into their mindset in the leadup to the tournament as well as what it’s like to play competitive Evolve.

ESL: Hi, guys! So what made you decide to take part in the tournament?
nDurance Gaming: We have participated in every tournament before this - it's only normal to participate in this one as well.

ESL: Which hunters - or monsters - do you like playing as most?
nDurance Gaming: Val, Bucket, Abe, Torvald and the Kraken.

ESL: How would you describe your team’s playstyle?
nDurance Gaming: Calculated recklessness.

ESL: How did you prepare for the final?
nDurance Gaming: Practice, practice, practice.

ESL: What are your expectations coming into the finals?
nDurance Gaming: We expect to have fun 🙂

ESL: What do you think about the opportunity for amateur players being able to take part in a €10,000 tournament?
nDurance Gaming: It's great that everyone has an equal opportunity for a solid stepping stone in competitive Evolve - we are grateful to be a part of this.

ESL: Do you plan on taking part in more Evolve tournaments in the future?
nDurance Gaming: Yes, of course.

ESL: What is your favorite thing about Evolve?
nDurance Gaming: The amount of teamwork and cohesion needed to win as hunters and the thrill of outsmarting four people as monster.

ESL: Any last words you want to give our readers?
nDurance Gaming: Pro tip number one from our support player: "Shoot shit and don't die."

With a top broadcast team on hand to take you through the event and thousands of euros of prize money on the line, make sure to tune in tomorrow from 18:00 CEST!

For all the key information about the Evolve Major League finals including a full schedule, be sure to check out our previous article about the event. For all the latest updates about ESL Evolve, be sure to follow our dedicated accounts on Facebook and Twitter!


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