Worlds 2014 survival guide

With the Worlds already in full swing, there’s no time to lose - are you ready for all the League of Legends packed days ahead?


If you’re going to be holed at home in front of your PC for the next few days, you need to be prepared. Plenty of food, snacks and drinks (definitely including the energy variety) should be at your disposal, while you should make sure that anything else you might need is close at hand.

Screens, screens and more screens

Let’s face it: one screen just isn’t enough. You’ll at least need two: one for the stream itself and one to keep track of the social media maelstrom surrounding each and every play. If your PC doesn’t have a second monitor, there’s always tablets, phones and other Wi-Fi-connected devices (which also handy if you need to take a trip away from your computer but don’t want to miss a moment of the action).

Keep a list of important links

In order to ensure you stay on top of what’s going on at Worlds even if you have to miss a game or two, you need to keep track of all the places where all the key information about the tournament is located be it as tabs, bookmarks or a good old fashioned list. Here are a few of ours to get you started:

Adjust your sleeping pattern

Not everyone is living in the right time zone, so if you want to make sure to catch all the games you may have to shift your sleeping patterns a little - or a lot - to ensure you catch all the action live (the one way to avoid unintentionally stumbling across spoilers).

Accept Tristana as your new queen

She just wants to shoot something.

Get hype for Deficio’s upcoming performance in Zoolander 2

Because there’s more to life that being really, really, really ridiculously good looking.

Show off your League of Legends knowledge by playing ESL Fantasy

It’s not too late to take part in ESL Fantasy for Worlds - click here to sign up!

Take a break every now and then

While the Worlds will feel like they’re over all too soon, don’t forget to step away from the screen/s every once in a while - everyone needs to rest their play-shattered nerves sooner or later.

Keep an eye on for all the latest on Worlds and let us know your Worlds-watching tips - and sage predictions - in the comments below!


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