World of Tanks Grand Finals: which crew will make it?

The League Grand Finals are only a week away from starting.

In a week, the fourteen best teams will fight it out for their chance at glory and the massive first place prize. Some of these teams have already earned an advantage over others, making their road to fame a bit easier, but there will only be more difficult battles ahead.

The first hurdle for some of the teams will be the group stage. Out of both groups, only one team will make it and qualify for the playoffs. We asked our in-house caster and World of Tanks veteran Oliver “Laughter” Maxfield for his predictions on the group stage.

“Group B is fairly cut and dry. RR-Unity has a storied record of top results for a very long time so for me they’re the favorites in that group, although the Chinese could provide some interesting games.

Group A is anything but cut and dry, with every team having proven themselves in the past, Lemming Train with some great international results including the recent NVIDIA GeForce tournament, where they took second place. WUSA also took second, but this time at WCG 2013 (RIP). I think it’s almost impossible to call this group, but Synergy have a hunger in their eyes that has been missing since season 1 after their defeat to Virtus.Pro in the season 3 finals, so for me they’re the favorites.”

The group stage might be difficult enough on its own to get out of, but the teams will face an even bigger challenge afterwards. The playoffs will see the best eight teams in the world all competing for a massive prize pool, each one of them having proven their strength and willing to do so once again during the Grand Finals. Oliver “Laughter” Maxfield, looking forward to the playoffs, had this to say about them:

“Now here is where it gets interesting – who will win the entire thing? Logic dictates that Natus Vincere will based on previous results. However, I can’t help but feel their performance at the season 3 finals left much to be desired, and while it may have worked against their counterparts in the CiS region (RR-Unity), they could fall victim to some cunning from the likes of the North Americans and Koreans. To be crowned World Champion you need drive and passion not just perpetration and statistics, so for me whoever can combine those factors will be handed the Monolith at the end of the day.”

Who do you think will make it all the way and crown themselves World Champions of the League?

The League Grand Finals will be held in Warsaw, Poland from the 4th April until the 6th April. More information can be found in the official announcement


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