Win up to €1,250 per month in the European Go4Battlerite series

Battlerite, even though just an Early Access title right now, has taken the hearts of many players by storm. The action-packed team arena brawler by Stunlock Studios, focusing heavily on player versus player competition, is the spiritual successor of Bloodline Champions and brings some of it’s iconic heroes back to life in a new form. Starting in November, players from all over Europe will have the chance to fight for supremacy in their own Go4 tournament series and the fan favorite 2vs2 mode.

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With a prize pool of up to €1,250 per month as well as exclusive in-game titles for the winners, players shouldn't waste time looking for team mates to take on this challenge. Starting on November 6th, every Sunday we will get to see the teams clash for the €150 first place, as well as points, relevant for both the seeding in future cups and the participation in the monthly finals. The top eight teams per month will clash once more for their share of €500.

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With their 0.8 patch, released today, Stunlock Studios introduced two new champions to the arena as well as various balance changes and adjustments to the unlockable battlerites of most champions. Additionally, while preparing for the challenges ahead, you can experience the first seasonal event for Halloween until November 4th, bringing new mounts, cosmetics and a new arena to the game.

In order to prepare for the first big tournaments and the latest changes from patch 0.8, you can join one of our various community cups in the coming weeks, which are available for fans of both 2vs2 and 3vs3. Make sure to follow ESL Battlerite on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on upcoming tournaments and more. In case you are still looking for mates or want to talk to other ESL players, join our Battlerite Discord channel!


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