Will number one seed Team Infused also be number one overall in the European Call of Duty World League Stage 1 finals?

In only a couple of days, the European Call of Duty World League presented by PlayStation Stage 1 finals will be kicking off right here at the ESL studios in Cologne, Germany. There's US$200,000 on the line as well as Stage 1 finals trophy, but there are six teams who all want to claim the biggest slice of the prize pool pie - and one of these is Infused.

Back-to-back EGL champions Infused are the longest lasting team in Europe, and have been together with the same roster for over six months now. Two of the team's players - Zer0 and Urban - are only 18 years old, and yet they have very quickly shot to the top of the European scene.

Stage 1 has gone very well for Team Infused, with them securing the number one seed after taking down every single one of their opponents at least once (and despite their history of some tough matches against number two seed Millenium in a few offline events).  Although the start of the season saw Infused have something of a nightmare week with two 0-3 losses, they subsequently went on an unbelievable winning streak which led to them taking the top spot. However, will Infused also be left standing in the number one spot when the dust settles after the Stage 1 finals?



  • Name: Mark “MarkyB” Bryceland
  • Age: 21
  • Role: AR Anchor
  • Preferred Weapon: XR2
  • Preferred Specialist: Scythe
  • Twitter: @MarkyBCoD

A back-to-back EGL champion with the current squad, seven-time LAN winner MarkyB is seen as a role model and face of European Call of Duty. However, he wasn’t always a top player, having slowly but surely climbed the rankings until he reached the top - a true show of how hard work and dedication pay off. MarkyB believes his best gaming moment to be coming third at MLG Anaheim with Peatie while they were both playing under the TCM banner.


  • Name: Adam “Peatie” Peate
  • Age: 20
  • Role: SMG Objective
  • Preferred Weapon: VMP
  • Preferred Specialist: Kintetic Armor
  • Twitter: @infused_Peatie

Peatie’s achievements are hard to ignore. He’s been in the top twelve at the 2015 Call of Duty Championship with Aware Gamings, in the top three at MLG Anaheim while playing with TCM and is a back-to-back EGL champion with Infused. Having teamed with MarkyB more than any other player, Peatie widely considered one of Europe’s best players of 2015.


  • Name: David “Urban” Marsh
  • Age: 18
  • Role: SMG Objective
  • Preferred Weapon: Kuda
  • Preferred Specialist: Heatwave
  • Twitter: @UrbanDM

Urban is part of the cream of the crop of the European Call of Duty scene coming into Black Ops 3. One of very few Europeans to have successfully taken down OpTic Gaming, he was the undisputed king of the MR6 pre-patch and holds the highest hill time on Hardpoint in Europe by a country mile.


  • Name: Trei “Zer0” Morris
  • Age: 18
  • Role: AR Slayer
  • Preferred Weapon: SVG/M8
  • Preferred Specialist: Active Camo
  • Twitter: @TreiZer0

Zer0’s a hero in Stage 1 of the European Call of Duty World League, boasting both the honor of having the highest KDR as well as the title of MVP. He only has two LAN wins to his name so far, but both of these are with his squad, and he feels he owes a lot of his success to current teammate Urban for giving him a chance.

Get ready to be enthused by Infused!

Tickets for the European Call of Duty World League presented by PlayStation Stage 1 finals are almost sold out, so be sure to grab yours if you want to join us at the ESL studios in Cologne, Germany!

For all the latest tournament news, check out the official Call of Duty World League site and follow ESL CoD on Facebook and Twitter.


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