What's after Warriors? What to expect from the Worlds grand final show

Once again, Riot Games has started off Worlds in style with a video to accompany a brand new song by Imagine Dragons. The US band, probably best known for songs like Radioactive, Demons or On Top of the World, composed the track called Warrior in cooperation with Riot’s music team, with the animated music video depicting fictional players and teams working their way up in the League of Legends rankings before battling it out for the Worlds trophy itself.

Released along with a free MP3 download of the track, Riot had stepped it up once again by giving the fans more than ‘just a song’. Last year, Hybrid Worlds was released at about the same time, giving people an idea what to expect from the Worlds grand final opening ceremony. A cooperative project between Riot and Wes Borland (guitarist of Limp Bizkit), this led up to a massive ceremony which almost put the swift 3-0 series shown right afterwards to shame.

Despite the Summoner’s Rift update not being ready for Worlds, Riot has raised bars originally elevated by Get Jinxed, the Pentakill album and last year’s opening ceremony already, with a band which has had multiple top ten hits in the US, UK, Germany and many other countries coming to Korea to open the grand final at the Sangnam World Cup Stadium in Seoul. With 2013’s ceremony having lasted almost ten minutes, the fans in the arena and at home can surely expect another big show before the games even begin.

The next weeks will see many big matches, with big names from around the world travelling to Taipei and Singapore for the group stage before hitting the ancestral home of eSports in Korea. Check out our look at the the Worlds groups here, set up your team on ESL Fantasy and make sure to follow all the action on lolesports.com!

What do you expect to see during the grand finals show and Worlds itself? Tell us your predictions - and suggestions - in the comments below!


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