Major ESL Xbox One app update & interview with the developers!

The first major update has been released to the ESLGaming app on Xbox One. Besides a big chunk of fixes and improvements based on the users feedback, the app is now able to not only let you play your matches but also manage all your teams right from the Xbox One!

The changelog:

- Team features (Sign up for team cups, see teams profiles)
- Double confirm: You have to confirm once more if you claim a win
- Improved UI (e.g. new color for disabled buttons, ​gamemodes being displayed)
- New games (e.g. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Battlefield 4 and NBA Live 15)

In order to receive the update all you need to do is to wait for the Xbox One to download and install the latest version. From here on it’s not only you but you and your team! Also we got the chance to talk to ESL developer and scrum master Andreas “gman.php” Hofmann about the ESLGaming App, the new update and it’s future.

ESL: Hello Andreas and thank you for your time. The ESL Xbox One app was released just two weeks ago. How has feedback from the community been and how happy are you with the release?
gman: Thanks for the chance to talk about the app with you! We are really happy with the release of the app: Users welcomed it with open arms, directly used it massively on the first day and gave us really good feedback.Of course not everything was perfect from the start, but that’s why we’re listening to the users, not only through feedback forms, but also in direct chat with many users. Through these means we have already started implementing various fixes and improvements that have been suggested.

With the release of this update, we have tried to improve things which users have struggled with, such as users accidentally entering wrong results. With the update we’ve now implemented a double check to lower the amount of accidently entered wrong results massively.

ESL: For those who missed the release, can you give us a short rundown of what the app is and why every ESL player should have it on their Xbox?
gman: With the ESL Xbox One app, users can compete in ESL tournaments directly through their Xbox One console, without having a second screen to browse our website. They can now find tournaments for their games, sign up for these, directly contact opponents though the Xbox One platform via private messages or voice chat and finally enter results for the matches they’ve played easily using the app. Past tournaments and matches can also be reviewed and as a spectator you can check the tournament bracket of ongoing cups and see who’s winning the match-ups. Additionally you you can check the latest Xbox related news from the ESL website within the app, while e.g. waiting for your opponent to get ready.

ESLGaming Xbox One App - The home area

The ESL Xbox One App the first of it’s kind ever released on a next gen platform and an awesome way for getting involved in esports! Especially with the new features we are now releasing, its a must-have for any competitive gamer.

ESL: The App was only released two weeks ago yet you are already bringing out a massive new update today. Can you please tell us about the new things users can now do within the app?
Andreas "gman" Hofmann: With this release, we’re bringing team competitions to the app, so you can gather your friends together in an ESL team and participate in team competitions! Additionally to that, we’ve added the already mentioned result double-check, so users don’t accidentally enter a wrong result. Besides that, more and more games are being added on request of our users, like Battlefield 4, NBA Live 15 and the upcoming CoD: Advanced Warfare. Also of course making its way to the app will be the long-awaited Halo: The Masterchief Collection (as a foretaste of the new part of the Halo saga: Halo 5)! Always check back for even more games: We’re constantly adding games to the app and if you have a request, please let us know in the forum!

ESL: This sounds pretty cool. Are there more big updates coming? What are your next plans for the App?
gman: There are definitely more updates to come. The next large update will not be as close as this one was to the initial release, but it will definitely come soon. We will gather more feedback and will see which features we’re bringing next to the app! The users are in charge: Tell us what you want, what you annoys you the post, what you struggle with! We will hear your request! But to spoiler a bit: the current focus is making the process from sign-up to the end of a cup even more fluent while adding more functionality in terms of what can be done throughout the app!

ESL: If any user now says, “Wait, I got an awesome idea and you really need to implement this”, how flexible are you to bring new stuff to the app and where can users best give their feedback?
gman: This is the first app for us we’ve ever released, so we want users to give us as much feedback as they can: so everything! What things do you like, which things drive you totally crazy and make you scream in front of your Xbox One! Is there a bug you always stumble over? Which features are missing for you and which games should be offered? Everything can be done through our forum, we’re always present there and will answer all your questions and will see all your requests or bug reports.

ESL: A lot of people asked for this app to be release for PlayStation and other consoles or devices. What are your plans on this topic?
gman: (laughing) Good question! I can’t tell too much here, but let me say: This should not be the last app we have developed! Keep following and our Social Media accounts to be informed of other releases!

ESL: Anything else you want to tell the community?
gman: I just want to say thank you to all the users out there for all your feedback, no matter if positive or negative! Thanks to all of you making eSports big and what it deserves to be. We at ESL want to bring esports to all of you, and players are the ones this scene needs to grow even bigger!

ESL: Thanks for your time and this interview!

Is there anything you would love to share with Andreas? Leave it in the comments below and we’ll make sure he gets to know!


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