"We knew we could win": Epsilon eSports upsets Cloud9 at the Halo World Championship

In one of the first matches at the Halo World Championship 2016, Epsilon eSports surprised everyone by taking down Cloud9 3-1. We spoke to Epsilon's Jimbo right after the series, and here's what he had to say.

ESL: We are here with Jimbo of Epsilon Esports and they just got done defeating Cloud 9 in the first series of the HaloWC. Jimbo, how are you feeling?
Jimbo: Pretty psyched. As long as we perform as well against Skyfire, we are in a good spot to make it to bracket play.

ESL: I want to talk quickly about the Strongholds game type on Eden. It was a close game initially, then Cloud 9 went on a 40 point streak. It looked like they were in control, then your team went on a tear. What happened there?
Jimbo: To be honest, for the majority of the game we were not looking to score. That map is about Overshield and Rockets. We got the last two or three, which allowed us to get whatever Stronghold we wanted. It enabled us to outslay them, get the Strongholds back and punish them.

ESL: How did the momentum from that huge comeback carry over for the rest of the series?
Jimbo: We were very cold for the first game, and it’s a bit cold in the venue. Winning Slayer on The Rig, which we don’t usually do, gave us a huge boost of confidence going into the next map. We felt that as long as we think through what we usually do in scrims and execute properly, we could win. The mentality and adrenaline boost from Games 2 and 3 took us into Capture The Flag on Truth and we knew we could win.

ESL: How are you feeling heading into your next series against CLG?
Jimbo: We expect to do well and play hard, but realistically I think they are the best team at this event and it will be tough. It all falls back onto the Skyfire series. If we win there, we get into the bracket, so that will be our focus. But we want the win and show the world that we are a very good team.

ESL: Thanks so much and good luck.

The Halo World Championship 2016 is happening right now! Follow along with all the action on Twitter and Facebook.


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