WCS Europe: The mighty fall and the foreign hope dies

The first day of the StarCraft II World Championship Series Europe Season 2 Finals is over. It brought with it quite a few surprises, upsets and intense matches between the eight players that made it this far.

This chain of upsets and other events was kicked off by the first series of the day between San and MC. Although San is known to be an incredible player, consistently sporting a truly incredible PvP matchup, not many would have expected him to defeat the BossToss - who has so far been topping the global WCS rankings. But he did just that - the eventful series ended 3:1 in favour of the yoe Flash Wolves Protoss player. This marked the end of the BossToss’s run, at least until next season.

Foreign hope, VortiX, looked certain to go into the semi-finals, as he was up 2:1 against Golden after three maps. Unfortunately for the Millenium player, Golden managed to fight his way back into the series, eventually advancing 3:2. This result was shortly followed by ForGG’s dominating 3:0 victory against Welmu - eliminating the last foreigner left in the Round of 8.

Two of the strongest Protoss players in the world faced off for the final series of the day. StarDust and First looked to be a close series early on, where First might marginally be called the favorite. However, thanks to some phenomenal plays, StarDust managed to pull the series in his favour and win 3:1.

Besides the StarCraft II action we gave you the chance to win a full set of WCS cards. It was as easy as creating your own WCS card and tweeting it at #WCS. We’ve got a lot of cool submissions, with the winner being this awesome ToD card.

The WCS Europe Season 2 champion will be decided between an even split of two Protoss, one Zerg and one Terran, tomorrow (Sunday June 6th) at 17:00 CEST. Make sure to tune in as ReDeYe, Apollo, Kaelaris, TLO and ToD bring you the StarCraft II action you’ve all been waiting for!


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