Unpredictability at its best in the World Championship Series

We can safely say that the 2014 World Championship Series Season One Quarter Finals are off to a good start as we see the first day come to an end here in Germany. With both America and Europe’s best players gathered in Cologne to determine this year’s first WCS champions, some incredible StarCraft II matches were had, while a lot more are still to come.

WCS Europe: The unpredicted and the unpredictable

Today’s WCS Europe Premier League Quarter Finals featured two former GSL champions, jjakji and MC, and their respective opponents VortiX and StarDust. Although the match between MC and StarDust was largely predicted to end in favor of StarDust, who has performed incredibly well over the past 12 months, the Bosstoss managed to surprise with his creative play, beating the mYinsanity Protoss 3-1. Similarly, the Spanish Zerg player VortiX had been showing amazing games in the recent weeks, putting him on even footing with the Terran legend jjakji. The Korean performed excellently, however, matching what gained him the prestigious kiss of the GSL trophy back in the day and dominating the Spaniard 3-0.

Drawing lines

Competition is fierce in our line drawing contest for a signed Heart of the Swarm Collectors Edition. We’ve received incredible drawings of the personalities here at the ESL Studios in Cologne, some funny, some displaying amazing skill and all of them incredibly fun to look at. Make sure to keep them coming tomorrow, and take a look at one of our favorites and today's winner below: 

WCS America: Two HyuNbelievable best of fives

Following an unpredictable start to the evening with WCS Europe, the American Premier League kicked off with two matches that looked much easier to predict. Bomber, the Terran legend, was set to face the Axiom Protoss Alicia. Both players put on an incredible show as they moved into a fifth map, where Bomber was unexpectedly defeated by the underdog. Facing him in the semifinal this weekend will be HyuN, who had to face the one player he least wanted to face in his first playoff match: TaeJa. Another incredible series unfolded as the Zerg and Terran players fought for their tournament lives. Unfortunately for the TeamLiquid player, HyuN (who says that he is looking to take the trophy this season) took the very close fifth map to move on out of the quarter finals.


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