EMS One Katowice: What a passionate crowd can do for you

The second match of the day saw local heroes Virtus.pro facing off against another French team after kicking out tournament favorite Titan yesterday. LDLC, having come second in their group after NiP, had a hard task ahead them as they faced the Titan-killer and their adoring crowd. But never would have expected how this game used to come out.

de_mirage: Spurred on by the crowd’s cheers, Virtus.pro had a start that was reminiscent of the days of the Golden Five. Kicking off with an undisputed pistol round, they took full control of the match and tore down LDLC round after round. In the sixth, LDLC were close to taking their first round when Happy trashed pasha in a 1v1. However, Mr. Biceps keep his cool and still took the round in the end. Bolstered by the audience’s support, the Poles kept the upper hand and went on to flawlessly win the first half of the tournament. Even though they lost the pistol round and with it the chance for a perfect game, LDLC was only able to pick up three rounds before Virtus.pro finished the game with a decisive 16-3 score, the audience rewarding their stellar performance with a standing ovation.

Virtus.pro at the EMS One photo shooting (More photos on Flickr.com)

de_inferno: Virtus.pro continued to dominate on the second map of the series, with LDLC only able to pick up one round before Poles extended the lead to 9-1. While the French did win the second round, the remaining rounds belonged to the Poles, with halftime score 13-2 in their favor. Right after winning the second pistol round as they did on de_mirage, LDLC failed to win the anti-eco, and Virtus.Pro took the 14th round to the audience’s cheers. Although LDLC used the CT site to their advantage and nabbed some rounds to close the gap between them and VP, neo and pasha used all their experience and some clutch plays to finish the game 16-8, earning them another standing ovation from spectators.

It seems LDLC, perhaps understandably, fell down when faced with some of the most experienced CS players in the world, with TaZ, neo and pasha all delivering impressive performances that had fans roaring at every kill. It seems that an enthusiastic audience goes a long way towards pushing Virtus.pro’s performance up to the level of the glorious Golden Five era, making them a true force to be reckoned with.

Find all details about the events such as brackets, streams and more on csgo-emsone.com.


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