Top 10 Moments of the Mortal Kombat X Pro League Season 3 Finals

The ESL Mortal Kombat X Season 3 Finals had the perfect mixture of hype upsets, miraculous comebacks, and clutch moments. Thanks to all who watched and competed over the course of the season and congratulations to three-time world champion SonicFox! Relive the action and check out the top 10 plays from the Finals:

Starting off at #10, BeyondToxin executes a flawless victory over Sakr0n after losing the first game! 

At #9, A F0xy Grampa knew Dragon was baiting the enhanced roll, so he went for the low instead to take Game 1!

Sitting at #8, SonicFox dropped the game winning combo, giving BeyondToxin the opportunity to take the game! 

Moving ahead to #7, HeeyGe0rge executes a beautiful corner setup against St9rm to take Game 1 of the set! 

The #6 spot goes to HeeyGe0rge for his amazing Jacqui Briggs, tying the set against A F0xy Grampa 2-2! 

At #5, Madzin pulls off an unbelievable X-Ray to close out the very first round of the set against Hayatei

The #4 moment goes to Hayatei for his massive damage comeback after almost going down 2-0 against A F0xy Grampa! 

Taking the #3 spot is Madzin as he makes a comeback from the brink of defeat with some stylish corner combos to defeat Perfect Legend

Second place goes to the unbelievable scramble between SonicFox and A F0xy Grampa during the grand finals! 

The #1 most hype moment of the tournament goes to SonicFox for being crowned the ESL MKX Champion for not one, not two, but THREE straight seasons! 

With all of these amazing moments throughout the Mortal Kombat X Pro League Season 3 Finals, which one stands out the most? Tweet us at ESLMortalKombat and use the hashtag #MKXProLeague to let us know your favorite play!

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