The top players of ESL Fantasy LCS

The launch of the ESL Fantasy League in May 2014 was a huge success, with over 42,000 Fantasy teams created. After 11 weeks of games, the season is now over and the results are in with an extremely close race at the top of the rankings.

Winner of ESL Fantasy for the LCS Summer Split is user Wetchasit and his team Rathalos. With an average of 23.97 Fantasy points per game and a team value of 7,355, he has put himself at the top of the ladder in grand style. Congratulations! He managed to beat out Noaphiel Manager of EPS Team ESC ICY BOX and Harkle with his team Dark-Krime.


Team Worth

Total Fantasy Points

Rathalos (Wetchasit)



ESC ICY BOX (Noaphiel)



Dark-Krime (Harkle)



Common across all teams was a strong reliance on Fnatic players, with standout performer Rekkles being in every team, and Rathalos even featuring the full Fnatic roster. This was however not that way throughout the entire season, as a full Fnatic roster for the entire season would “only” have been enough for 3215 points or rank 49 in the overall standings.  

Lets look at some of the most solid performers for each position throughout the season.

Top Lane: Bruisers and Brawlers

Top players averaged 15,9 points per game with 21.65 points being picked up on average by the best toplaner.

Kev1n (MILL):
There’s a reason why Kev1n won Best Top Laner of the Week three times this past split. He is the only top laner to score over three kills on average per game (3.21 to be precise) - he’s even more deadly than Balls and Dyrus were in the Spring Split. Combine that with his 6.54 average assists per game, and you’ve got a highly aggressive and solid scorer for your Fantasy roster.

Quas (CRS):
The only NA top laner with numbers close to those of Wickd in recent matches. He scored 19.78 average Fantasy points per game over the split and a whopping 306 average creep score. He had a shaky start at the beginning of split, with ups and just as many downs, but as Curse picked up the pace in the final weeks, so did Quas.

Wickd (ALL):
The top dog in the top lane. His value skyrocketed over the last few weeks and he was well worth the money, crushing the opposition with 3.88 kills and 7.5 assist over his last eight games, while only dying an average of 2.88 times.

Honorable mention: Mimer (SHC)
Falling just short of the top five, Mimer has had nothing less than an excellent Summer Split. Consider this: his Fantasy value over the course of this split has more than doubled from $500 to $1,005 - not bad for a player whose team was in relegation at the end of the Spring Split. Mimer is also the safest top laner, resulting in the least deaths of all at 1.36 average per game. Be on the lookout for the new Mimer as a strong pick-up in upcoming seasons.

Jungle: Ganks and Control

Buddy system, late invades, killer ganks and objective control - we’ve seen it all this past split. These three junglers top the statistics charts for their teams synergy and their prowess in and between the lanes. On average junglers were responsible for 15,9 points per game with the top Jungler bringing in 19.7 points per game.

Shook (ALL):
Scoring kills and assists while keeping up your creep score is what junglers have to do to score. At 309.44 gold per minute, 2.46 kills and 7.54 assists average per game, Shook is the master of that balance. Objective control is key here, and Shook delivers.

KottenX (MILL):
KottenX has one the highest death counts, but his deaths are never in vain. He scores more assists per game than any other jungler (8.82 average) and scores just as many kills as Shook (2.46 average),  at a pricepoint of $1,055. This made him one of the best value for money pick-ups in the League.

Cyanide (FNC):
Not at the top of the charts in any particular category, but overall solid and a key element of the extremely well performing Fnatic squad made Cyanide a safe investment. His average number of assists (7.71, second to KottenX) and gold per minute are high (296.58, third to Shook and Meteos), but not the highest.

Mid Lane: Flashy plays

The middle lane is where most of the action happens, be it from the mid laners themselves or from their teammates showing up to get things done. A strong mid laner exercises control in lane and shows kill potential when opportunity arises. On average midlaners brought in the 3rd most points per match with 17,1 points - with 23.17 coming from the best performing midlaner.

Kerp (MILL):
Simply put: Kerp is THE deadliest mid laner of the past split, a title he takes away from TSM’s Bjergsen. At over 5 average kills, nearly 7 assists and 23.17 fantasy points per game, he’s been raking in points for everyone who saw his potential early. He was the absolute #1 pick-up for anyone lucky enough to have him in their roster for the entire season.

Froggen (ALL):
A combination of high KDA and great farming are what earned Froggen his spot among the top of the charts. At 4 kills and 7.18 assists per game, while only dying 1.54 times in return, Froggen hardly ever scored low fantasy points. Where other players might score negatively in a bad game, he always keeps up the pace. He was one the most expensive mid lane picks, but was surely worth every fantasy penny.

xPeke (FNC):
No backdoors this split, but great stats and results nonetheless. His KDA is only slightly worse than that of fellow mid laner Froggen, boasting 3.89 kills and 6.39 assists per game. His farm has been consistently higher though, with an average creep score of 361.5 and 410.48 gold per minute. He has a tendency to score particularly high in an El Clasico: 28.675 Fantasy points average across those 4 games.

Honorable mention: Shiphtur (DIG)
As deaths are heavily penalised for mid laners, having a low death count helps keep your fantasy score up. Shiphtur’s death count is the lowest of all mid laners, while scoring nearly as many kills as his more flashy colleagues mentioned above. He also has some great scores to boast against NA’s top teams.

AD Carries: On my shoulders

AD carries score the highest amounts on average per game with 20,3 points, making them the most impactful of all positions. With 31,02 points per game for the highest scoring AD carry, having made the correct purchase in this category was instrumental for success.

Rekkles (FNC):
Does it come as a surprise to anyone that Rekkles is at the top of the chart for AD carries? His stats are simply astonishing. At 5.96 kills average per game, Rekkles is the absolute deadliest player in all of the LCS. When it comes to farming, his average gold per minute of 417.76 is a very close second to XiaoWeiXiao’s 418. The most impressive stat of all: less than 1 death (0.96) on average per game. At 31.02 Fantasy points per game, he scores over 50% more than the average AD carry. Definitely the ultimate contender for LCS MVP for this season.

Tabzz (ALL):
Third overall in both average kills (5.11, leaving Doublelift and Rekkles ahead) and assist (5.21, with MrRallez and Creaton ahead) per game, and second of all AD carries in gold per minute with a 402.57 average, Tabzz boasts some seriously good stats for a much more moderate price than Rekkles towards the end of the season.  

Doublelift (CLG):
Doublelift has had some glorious games in the past split, and some really bad ones. He averages out to 24.5 Fantasy points per game, which is nothing to sneeze at, but for very different reasons than some of the other carries. He’s deadly, at 5.33 average kills, and farms well with 399.82 average gold per minute, but managers needed to know which teams he plays well against and against which he doesn’t to truly get the most out of him.

Support: Making it all possible

Supports score Fantasy points by collecting assists and getting high gold per minute. After AD carries, supports were the second most impactful role with an average of 18.1 fantasy points per game. The top support player brought in 25.5 fantasy points per match.

YellOwStaR (FNC):
Fnatic’s dynamic bot lane duo is only half complete without YellOwStaR. His role in helping Rekkles destroy his lanes saw him score no less than 25.5 average points per game. His average kill count is the highest of all supports at 1.21, his assist count of 10.32 is only second to Nyph’s and his average gold per minute is top notch at 281.48. He’s there when he’s needed, and he can be there for your fantasy roster as well.

Nyph (ALL):
Boasting the highest assist count of all LCS players at 10.5 per game, even getting 16.5 average in his last 4 games, Nyph understands the art of setting up kills for the rest of his team. Sure, he dies a lot more often than many of the other supports (2.5 times average per game), but that’s hardly a problem for a support. His average gold per minute of 250.46 rounds off his impressive list of stats.

Mor (LMQ):
At his latest price of $1130 and average points per game of 21.03, Mor is a better points/value pick than Alliance’s Nyph. In all other stats except kills (0.71 average per game), which aren’t as important for supports, he lags behind the top 2 supports mentioned above. Mor is sort of a jack-of-all-trades among supports: scoring reasonably high on all parameters but not really excelling in any of them. A solid all-round pick, but at a little distance from the very best.

The Ultimate Team

Although smart purchasing & selling could have resulted in even higher scores - the ultimate dream team of Shook, Kerp, Rekkles, Yellowstar & Kev1n would have scored a total of 3389,1 points which would have been enough for first place.

Where did you manage to finish the season and what went wrong / well for you? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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