LCS Forecast: an action-packed Super Week to decide it all

Last week’s results have narrowed the possible outcomes of the Summer Split down, but not by a whole lot. In Europe, Alliance have confirmed their role as favorites to take first place with a 4-0 record over weeks nine and ten. In North America, Chinese powerhouse LMQ still lead the pack, but they feel both TSM and Cloud 9 breathing down their neck. This week’s results will determine the seeding for the playoffs and who gets sent to relegation. The playoffs will in turn decide who gets to go to the Season 4 World Championship in Korea later this year. Suffice to say, a lot is on the line. With 32 games still to be played over six days of LCS action, it’s all or nothing for the pros - and your Fantasy rosters.

EU LCS: Will close standings get even closer?

Fairly little is certain in the EU LCS. At the top of the bracket, Alliance’s stellar performance in the past two weeks has secured them a top two spot. They are in pole position to take the first place, with only Fnatic still having a shot to take it from them. As close as Fnatic is to Alliance, however, the Supa Hot Crew are just as close to them. Jumping over Millenium in the standings with a 2-0 result in week ten, they have a chance to take a top two spot over Fnatic and possibly even tie Alliance’s 18 wins in a win-all-lose-all scenario. For a team that was facing relegation in the Spring Split, being a contender for top two now is a remarkable feat.

Because of how close the standings are at the moment and how the upcoming matchups are set, there will be several pivotal games this week. These games have the potential to make or break a team’s entire split. On day one, Fnatic face the Supa Hot Crew, a must-win game for either team to keep their options open. Copenhagen Wolves take on Roccat on day two in an attempt to avoid relegation. SK Gaming has a very rough day two as they will duke it out against Alliance and play Fnatic in the always-exciting El Clásico after. On day three, depending on the results of the previous days, Supa Hot Crew vs. Millenium has the potential to be a real banger.

NA LCS: Everyone has everything to play for

The race for first place is still wide open in North America, with the match results of week ten having brought the standings very close together again. Whoever has the best chance to come out on top is a tough call to make. LMQ is in first place at the moment with 16 wins, followed at a hair’s breadth by both TSM and Cloud 9 with 15 wins. Even CLG still has a shot at first place.

For all of these teams, week 11 is a very tough week to go into when looking at the matchups. TSM face LMQ on day one and Cloud 9 on day two, against both of which they have struggled for the entire split. Their remaining games are versus Dignitas and Curse, not the slightest teams in the LCS. Cloud 9 start off against Complexity and Evil Geniuses but will end the super week with tough nuts to crack in the form of rivals TSM and CLG. Ironically, the team with the biggest chance to create upsets is the one on the bottom of the bracket: Evil Geniuses. They will face Cloud 9, CLG and LMQ, and despite heading toward almost definite relegation, taking a win off either one of these teams could shake things up at the top.

Thoughts on this week’s lineup

  • Top

Wickd remains a solid pickup at $1,080. Alliance has been playing very dominantly in the past few weeks, in part due to his solid performance. Alliance’s matchups are not that heavy in this Super Week, so consider Wickd if you want to pick up Fantasy points at a reasonable price.

Alternatives: If you want to invest more heavily in your other lanes, CLG’s Seraph ($785) is a more budget-friendly pick to consider. His stats in the latest games against Evil Geniuses and Complexity are nothing to sniff at, and CLG face both of those teams this week.

  • Jungle

KottenX ($1,105) and Impaler ($1,065) have been very consistent in their performances and scores over the past few weeks and are well worth being put in your Fantasy team.

Alternatives: Shook ($1,080) scored the most Fantasy points of all junglers over the last week and has increased in price by $140 as a result. Considering Meteos ($985) and his latest performances versus Complexity and Evil Geniuses, he is a safe choice for a tighter budget.

  • Mid

Selfie ($1,105) absolutely destroyed Gambit and SK Gaming last week, and has been consistently scoring the most points of all mid laners for eight games now. If you expect him to carry on with this performance in the last week as well, he is the mid for you.

Alternatives: If you’ve got a higher budget to spend in mid lane, then XiaoWeiXiao ($1,350) should definitely be on your shortlist. If not, Cloud 9 shot-caller Hai is a cheaper and safer pickup at $895.

  • ADC

Since his arrival in the LCS, Vasilii ($1,330) has been showing how to get things done. His most important trait is that his scores and stats are better against teams who are higher in the standing than against those who are lower and arguably less difficult to beat.

Alternatives: Creaton’s ($1,410) stats and no less than outstanding games have been scoring Fantasy points all over. He’s even surpassed Fnatic’s pentakilling superstar Rekkles in the last week, despite costing $360 less.

  • Support

Jree ($1,050) has been scoring higher and higher over the past few weeks, and he has the value to show for it. Leaving only Alliance’s Nyph ($1,285) in front of him when it comes to scoring assists, consider these two when looking for a support who lets their carry shine while scoring Fantasy points in the process.

Alternatives: Whenever his AD carry Vasilii does well, so does his support Mor ($1,295). He is a strong pickup of you think Vasilii will do well this week - and if your budget allows it.

Think you know what to do with your ESL Fantasy team this week? Got any tops tips you’d like to share? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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