The top 16 photos of the Halo Master Chief Collection Launch Invitational

It was an emotional tournament in many ways, not only because rivetting matches, the epic comebacks and the nostalgia of seeing some of the most lauded names in Halo history compete - but also because throughout it all it felt like competitive Halo had finally returned to the stage it deserved to be. With over 48,000 concurrent viewers on during the final maps and Str8 Rippin trending globally on Twitter, it was a goosebump-inducing feeling to see an entire community rally to the cry of #Weback.  

Here some of our favorite images from the Halo Master Chief Collection Invitational event.

"No, I think we're just getting started"

This is the Launch Invitational Trophy. Launch. That's the beginning of something even bigger.


The Captain of Optic Gaming, Flamesword

The voices of Halo

Two days of awesome commentary thanks to Bravo and Goldenboy

The Agency come out firing

The first match of the day starts with an upset as the Agency defeat Optic Gaming in a tense match-up

Ninjas don't always wear black

Ninja during an interview at the event.


Words cannot describe. Bask in the glory.

All aboard the #HYPE Train

Even on the first day, the hype was already real

Make your own Master Chief

Budding designers were well catered for.

Interviews in front of a Warthog

Need we say more?

Four Captains left standing

The last 4 Captains on a Warthog. Need we say more?



The man, the coach, the legend

Walshy looks on.

The Master Shoe Mask

Created by Freehandprofit

You can't stop the Hype

The Champions celebrating another victory

Champion across games

OpTic FormaL - A champion in Halo & Call of Duty



Honorable mention: more of that #PurpleRain

Can't wait for more Halo action? Head over here to find out more about the Halo Championship Series!


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