The growth of Infinite Crisis eSports and Gamescom 2014

A good indicator for the size of an eSports scene is the amount of sponsored teams actively competing in it. In this regard, the Infinite Crisis eSports scene has been steadily growing with  big organizations such as Natus Vincere, AbsoluteLegends and Dignitas all picking up teams in recent times. They compete with other established organizations such as PENTA Sports, Reason Gaming, Payback Gaming, who also have teams for the free-to-play MOBA set in the DC Comics Universe.

Aside from the growing user base and great potential of the game, one reason big eSports organizations are getting into Infinite Crisis is surely the increasing amount of tournaments to compete in. A fair few of these have been run by ESL, such as a closed beta series and championship from December 2013 to February 2014 and, more recently, an open beta championship which finished at the end of April. Yet potentially even more interesting are the regular offline events held all across the world.

Offline events

One of the things that sets Infinite Crisis apart are regular tournaments held at major gaming conventions.
At Gamescom 2013, a €15,000 tournament was held, with n!Faculty decisively defeating myRevenge in the grand finals to claim the lion’s share of the prize pool. E3 2013 also featured an Infinite Crisis tournament between compLexity and Curse Academy, with the former bringing home the win and Prolly being awarded the MVP trophy.

Meanwhile, at Pax East last month teams battled it out for the game’s biggest prize pool  yet - a whopping US$25,000, with a smaller US$5,000 prize up for grabs for those taking part in the amateur tournament also at the event.

Infinite Crisis at Gamescom 2014

This year’s Gamescom will be no exception, with €10,000 up for grabs in our upcoming Infinite Crisis tournament. Teams will have the chance to qualify through our popular Go4InfiniteCrisis cup series, where teams compete for €1,000 in the monthly finals. For the next three months, Go4InfiniteCrisis rankings will not only be worth money but also represent a chance for glory as the top four ranked teams to be personally invited to join us there. This is especially exciting as the winner of the Gamescom tournament will also be entitled to a special additional prize to be announced in the coming weeks.
Think you have what it takes to make your way into the top four and join us at Gamescom? If so, go here to sign up for our next Go4InfiniteCrisis cup!

To find out more about Infinite Crisis, check out the official website.


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