The WCS Europe Ro16 of the Millenium

Once again the best of the best in StarCraft II have gathered here in Europe’s eSports capital, Cologne for the WCS Europe Premier League Season 2 Round of 16. The first day here in the ESL Studios saw VortiX, Snute, ForGG and Harstem clash to determine the very first two players to move on to the all-important playoffs.

Attempting the playoffs under a new roof

Spanish legend and one of Europe’s best Zerg players, VortiX, not only moved into a new home in the form of his new team Millenium, but also managed to make his move into the WCS Europe Premier League playoffs here in Season 2. He was the first one to move on to the Ro8 after defeating the underdog Harstem with a clean sweep and then also his (new) teammate ForGG in a close 2-1 series.


Success of the Millenium

Following VortiX’ incredible success it was time for ForGG and Harstem to clash in the final match of the day. An incredibly close series unfolded in our only PvT of the day: ForGG went up 1:0 against the underdog, followed by a strong series-evening play from Harstem. In the end, ForGG managed to defeat the Protoss player though to join his Millenium teammate VortiX in the playoffs

So far this means an all-Millenium Round of Eight, but fear not, as much more is to come in the rest of this week! Tomorrow more of Europe’s best StarCraft II players will face off in Group B: Welmu, MC, ToD and YoDa will not only show off some of the world’s best Protoss players, but also be the only chance for a second Terran, namely YoDa, to make it into the playoffs.

Catch all the WCS action from the ESL Studios tomorrow starting at 18:00 CEST!


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