Strut your stuff at the ESL Expo Barcelona cosplay competition!

Cosplay has always been an important part of ESL events, and the ESL Expo Barcelona presented by Mobile World Congress will be no exception. Set to take place on Saturday, 20th of February, during the event weekend, the ESL Expo Barcelona cosplay competition will have a prize pool of €1,000 as well multiple titles up for grabs. We’re looking forward to seeing some incredible cosplay as well as some top-notch esports action in Barcelona!

Prizes and categories

As mentioned previously, there’s a €1,000 up for grabs for the event’s best cosplayers. However, there are also three separate categories for the ESL Expo Barcelona cosplay competition, which are as follows:

Best cosplay

The main category for the competition, where the very best cosplayers at the ESL Expo Barcelona presented by Mobile World Congress will be rewarded for their passion and skill. Cosplays will be pre-judged, and our judges will ask you questions about your costume, how it was created and assess the craftsmanship that went into it.

The prize pool will be divided as follows:

  • First place: €500
  • Second place: €300
  • Third place: €200

League of Legends cosplay

The ESL Expo Barcelona cosplay competition will also have a category specifically for League of Legends cosplayers, with the top three costumes as selected by our judges to receive Riot Points and in-game skins.

Judge favorites

The judge favorites category will allow our judges to give a shoutout to those cosplayers who went above and beyond but for whatever reason didn’t quite make the cut as far as craftsmanship goes.


We have already chosen our three judges: Firstly Nezumi Cosplay, who represented Spain at the 2014 World Cosplay Summit. Made up of Madoka Cosplay and Crispychicken, this dynamic duo are from Barcelona themselves and, in addition to having plenty of experience, have demonstrated incredible dedication to both the art of cosplay and the community both locally and around the world. Rounding out the judges will be Issabel Cosplay & Arts, a fantastic cosplayer from Poland with many years of experience and a special affinity for League of Legends cosplays.


Every competition has rules, and these are the ones you’ll need to bear in mind for the ESL Expo Barcelona cosplay competition:

Contest rules

  • This a craftsmanship-based contest - you must have made your costume yourself
  • You can, however, use a costume that has been worn at another event
  • A performance isn’t necessary, but you can register one if you like
  • You must be at the place, date and time specific in the information given to you after signup or you may be disqualified
  • Your cosplay doesn’t have to be a video game one

Safety rules

  • Weapons must be inspected upon arrival at the venue
  • No sharp, spiked or blunt weapons are allowed
  • Weapons built on stock weapons such as BB guns and similar are also not allowed, and bows may not be fireable
  • All weapons illegal outside the venue are illegal inside the venue
  • Do not use liquids, chemicals or fire inside the venue at any time
  • You must be able to get on and off the stage unassisted

The cosplay competition take the stage on Saturday, 20th of February, at 17:00 CET, including the winner’s ceremony. Admission on the day of the competition is free for approved cosplayers (but not for friends or assistants), and application information (name, country, email address and phone number) will not be kept following the competition unless requested.

In order to sign yourself up to the cosplay competition send us an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Cosplay character name
  • Cosplay game/series name
  • Image(s) for reference of the character you are coming as

We will then reply to the sign up mail with more information and approval within 2 days! Our information policy is to delete all information gathered two weeks after the event!

For more information regarding the ESL Barcelona Expo, make sure to visit the official ESL Expo Barcelona presented by Mobile World Congress site.


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