ShujinkyDink takes the title of Seattle champion in Week 6 of Game Stop Hometown Heroes: Injustice 2

Week 6 of GameStop Hometown Heroes: Injustice 2 showed us the talent coming out of Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest did not let us down. With appearances by characters we’ve yet to see, to unmatched trolling, let’s take a look at what happened.

The first match of the night went quickly, with 2EZ’s Atrocitus getting a 3-0 on Mista Snacks’ Harley Quinn.

Match three made up for the quickness of the first series. These competitors took the fight all the way to a Game 5, with our first Braniac of the season, brought to us by Anbu, up against SoundsLikeAPause’s Green Arrow.

The next five-game series was courtesy of Blackout’s Deadshot against Mista Snacks’ Harley Quinn.

In a shining example of trolling, Blackout entered the Seattle competition with absolutely no points in the region. However, his run was ended by FrightNightTV, who punished him for underrating Seattle’s skill.

The battle for Seattle Grand Champion this week was between ShujinkyDink and FrightNightTV. The win went to ShujinkyDink’s Firestorm, making it the first total victory for that character in the series this far.

Top 8 Standings

  1. ShujinkyDink (Firestorm, Braniac)
  2. FrightNightTV (Aquaman, Superman)
  3. STDX 2EZ (Atrocitus)
  4. M2S Blackout (Deadshot)
  5. Mista Snacks (Harley Quinn)
  6. Anbu Tiger (Braniac, Black Adam)
  7. Timmy (Superman)
  8. EMPR SoundsLikeAPause (Green Arrow)

Congrats to our closet cosplay winner!

Schubeasty is going home with those sweet, sweet Project Triforce figurines.

Want to stay up to date with the competition? Make sure you’re following ESL Injustice on Twitter and Facebook for updates on Hometown Heroes! If you think you have what it takes to make top eight in your region, head to to compete in our cups! Our seventh region of the series is Chicago, and you can watch it live tomorrow, July 12 at 5PM PST on Just three more weeks left until the regional championships, so make sure you’re tuning in to see who will be crowned GameStop’s Hometown Hero!


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