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The Red Bull Gaming Ground event has started and is currently running in full force. On the agenda are interesting workshops and seminars, pro bootcamps, awesome arcade games, grilling and the chance for you to test your skills against professional gamers. Here some of the best impressions from the event so far!

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Train with the pros!

With professional players from Dota 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone and FIFA at our offices, in addition to trainers from the Sports University of Cologne, there is a lot to learn for aspiring gamers. There are gaming stations such as the ones seen here set up throughout our studios in which you will be able to train with pros and exchange ideas with like-minded gamers.

Arcade classics and retro gaming!

We've got Red Bull retro arcade machines setup all over our offices with hundreds of titles to chose from. From Pac-Man to Pong to classic Street Fighter, these machines bring back the glory of arcade halls.

Consoles and CRT TVs 
We've also got a ton of old TVs with console classics from our childhood. Below are some of the consoles that will be available for play including the titles we are definitely bringing along:

  • 3DO - FIFA
  • NEC PC Engine - Tennis
  • Nintendo NES - Nintendo World Cup
  • Nintendo SNES - Street Racer
  • Sega Dreamcast - Power Stone
  • Sega Mega Drive - Micro Machines
  • Sony PS1 - Super Sonic Racers
  • Atari 2600 - Warlords
  • Nintendo GameCube - Pac-Man Vs.
  • Sega Saturn - Saturn Bomberman
  • Nintendo 64 - Mario Kart

For several of these titles, we will also have proper competitions in which you can win stuff. Definite tournaments are planned for Warlords (Atari 2600), Pac-Man Vs. (Nintendo GameCube) and Saturn Bomberman (Sega Saturn). There will also be a huge Mario Kart 64 tournament over the course of the Gaming Ground with massive finals on the weekend. Lots of cool stuff can be won, including Red Bull fridges and various goodies from EA, Red Bull and Blizzard.

How fast are you?

In addition to the many old school racing games, we also have proper Red Bull Racing F1 Playseats with F1 2013 in which you can test your mettle against other competitors. You will also be able to get into the driving seat and face champion Erik "Hakki Junior" Leštach, who has gone head-to-head with Sebastian Vettel and come out on top.

Simply enjoy the atmosphere, good food and Red Bull

Aside from competition, the event is also a great place to relax and come down from gamescom as we have lots of seating all around and a great outdoor setup to enjoy the (hopefully) good weather. To keep your energy levels up, Red Bull is available throughout the venue, while we'll be grilling in the garden.

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