Road to BlizzCon: Hearthstone joins ESL Fantasy for the Hammerstein America Finals

The Hearthstone Americas Championship is taking place this weekend at the Manhattan Hammerstein Ballroom, New York. On the 5th and 6th of October, ESL and Blizzard will welcome you to this prestigious event, which will decide the four players to qualify for BlizzCon. Thanks to ESL Fantasy, you will also get the chance to showcase your Hearthstone knowledge and skill by drafting your very own Fantasy Hearthstone team, with the top ten finishers to receive three Hearthstone card packs each!

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How it works

Joining in is easy, especially if you already have an ESL Fantasy account. If you don’t, you can easily make one with your existing ESL account or simply sign up with Facebook, Google+ or Twitter - whichever you prefer. Then, all you need to do is name your team, click ‘join league’ and you’re all set and ready to start picking your players.

Hearthstone Americas World Championship participants:

thatsadmirable StrifeCro Chakki TidesofTime
Firebat Jab twisted dtwo
tarei deathstarv3 kuhaku stunner
MINOR Hyped itsProtoHype Ant

You can pick from all 16 players who'll be present at the event. As there is a very limited pool of players, there is no currency implemented, and as such you can pick your top four of the event. You must also decide which of your four players will be captain of the team - this player will score more points in every game they win but will also lose more when they are defeated.

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  Captain Player
Game win
Game loss
Group win
Group second
Group third
Playoffs top four
+ 10
- 10
+ 140
+ 100
+ 40
+ 100
+ 5
- 5
+ 70
+ 50
+ 20
+ 50

You will have until the 5th of October and 15 minutes before the first games start to pick your team. After that, you can sit back, enjoy the show and see how your players do. The players will remain locked throughout the event, so you must choose wisely, especially in the case of your captain.

In New York? Be sure to RSVP in order to receive free card packets!

We are very happy to be bringing you another ESL Fantasy league for this event. Please let us know your feedback and ideas in the comments below - we want to make sure we bring you the best possible eSports entertainment possible!


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