Red Moon and ESL team up for ESL One Frankfurt

ESL is happy to announce that it is working with the Red Moon Workshop team to create Dota 2 items for our compendium for ESL One Frankfurt. These items will be obtainable by unlocking tiers of the upcoming official ESL One Frankfurt compendium. In the compendium, you will be able to find out more information about the tournament, schedule and teams as well as make predictions and much, much more.

Known for their exceptional item sets, the Red Moon Workshop team said of the partnership:

“Red Moon Workshop is honored to be working with ESL One and we look forward to revealing everything we’ve been working on. We’ve all been hard at work and hope you enjoy these items as much as we did creating them. You can follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter to get the latest updates.”

The compendium will be available for US$9.99 and will be purchasable in the Dota 2 store. For each compendium bought, US$2.50 will be added to the total prize pool for ESL One Frankfurt.

ESL One Frankfurt stretch goals

  • US$0 – Battle Booster
  • US$10,000 – ESL One Frankfurt loading screen
  • US$20,000 – ESL One Frankfurt HUD
  • US$35,000 – “Jagged Vision” ward
  • US$50,000 – Earthshaker totem
  • US$75,000 – Pudge fat suit wrestling at the event
  • US$100,000 – Lifestealer set
  • US$150,000 – TobiWan cosplay during the Finals
  • US$250,000 – Secret! To be revealed soon…

Below you can see concept art for some of the items that are currently being worked on.


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