PUBG Charity Challenge comes to gamescom 2018

As Europe’s biggest gaming convention returns to Cologne, so will PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. At gamescom 2018, from August 23-25, ESL & PUBG Corp. are set to present the PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Charity Challenge - a challenge driven duo tournament played by both influencers and qualified players.

This won’t be your conventional esports tournament!

64 player are set to compete on the ESL Arena show floor at gamescom, as the community presents them with challenges and obstacles that they need to overcome. These challenges will be decided by popularity votes on social media. By completing them, teams will unlock money that they then will donate to the charity they chose to represent. Everyone wins!

Out of the 64 participating players, 32 will be directly invited influencers while the other half will be determined through European open bracket qualifiers. The two pools of players will then get paired up into duos who will compete together for the duration of the tournament. Over the course of 3 days, 12 games will be played in total (four per day).

Starting early July we'll host open bracket tournaments on ESL Play in the following countries to determine the 32 qualified players (4 lobbies equates to 100 players).

  • UK: 3 players (4 lobbies)
  • Germany: 4 players (no limit)
  • Turkey: 2 players (4 lobbies)
  • South-East Europe: 2 players (4 lobbies)
  • CIS: 2 players (4 lobbies)
  • Italy: 2 players (4 lobbies)
  • France: 4 players (4 lobbies)
  • Spain: 3 players (4 lobbies)
  • Nordics: 4 players (4 lobbies)
  • Poland: 2 players (4 lobbies)
  • Rest of Europe: 4 players (no limit)

Sign up for your regional tournament today!

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Charity Challenge streams will be found on the official ESL PUBG Twitch channel, as well the various influencer streams live from the gamescom showfloor.

Stayed tuned and follow ESL PUBG on both Twitter and Facebook for further tournament information, such as confirmed influencers and qualifier updates.


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