New kids on the block: meet LCS newcomers Unicorns of Love and Team 8

The last part of season four before Worlds came to a close on Thursday night with Unicorns of Love vs. Millenium and Team 8 vs. compLexity. After two days of LCS teams defending their spots, the last night saw the Challenger teams standing strong: after two full best of five series, both the North American and European LCS will be seeing new faces!

EU: Unicorns of Love to bring more color to the circuit

Unlike the Spring Split promotion, one team from the Challenger circuit was able to break the ban and win a spot in the LCS, with Unicorns of Love, who made a name for themselves not only for the funny one they already have, managing to take down their opponent Millenium. But who are Unicorns of Love?

Unicorns of Love is a Hungarian team who not only played in the Challenger Series but also joined the summer season of the Black Monster Cup in Europe, where they took down spring season winner Cloud 9 Eclipse and made it to the playoffs, winning third place in their debut season right behind the likes of Lubin Shore (now Reason Gaming) and SK Gaming Prime. During the fall season, Unicorns of Love were even able to make it to the grand final, but ultimately lost to SK Prime.

With these latest successes on their back, they were able to turn the series against Millenium around. Coming back from 0-2, they managed to take down the fifth placed team of the Summer Split to earn a spot among the best teams in Europe.

For Millenium this means a possible relaunch of the team, with Kerp and Creaton - who placed second and third in the Summer Split in Fantasy points - as well as Kev1n some of the best potential pickups for any LCS team. It will be interesting to see if they stay together or continue their LCS journeys elsewhere.

All EU LCS promotion results

  • Unicorns of Love 3-2 Millenium (VODs)
  • Gambit Gaming 3-1 SK Gaming Prime (VODs)
  • Copenhagen Wolves 3-0 H2k Gaming (VODs)

NA: Team 8 underline their top performances in the Challenger Series

While the summer promotion saw only EG defending their spot, compLexity had the chance to lock down the LCS from any new teams. However, Team 8 was able to cut them down and make it to the  2015 Spring Split.

Team 8 made name for themselves not only by winning the Challenger Series playoffs but also as the back-to-back champion of the North American Black Monster Cup, now defending their title for a second time in the fall season, which is still in progress. Having been stopped by LMQ in the Summer Split promotion, they carried on regardless and worked hard for this chance to be recognized as one of the top teams in North America.

During their best of five series against compLexity, Team 8 was able to gain a 2-0 lead before coL struck back and evened out the score. With another strong game after that, they finished the series in their favor, taking coL’s spot in the North American LCS for themselves.

Now compLexity is having a bit of a hard time: after finishing the Summer Split last, they are now out of the LCS. Only time will tell whether the team will keep their lineup as it is to fight their way back into the LCS or if there are changes on the horizon.

All NA LCS promotion results

  • Team 8 3-2 compLexity (VODs)
  • Evil Geniuses 3-0 Team Coast (VODs)
  • Counter Logic Gaming 3-2 Curse Academy (VODs)

Make sure you check out for all the results and VODs.

Did the results surprise you or was this outcome what you expected? Give us your take in the comments below!


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