“My determination is off the charts”: Mortal Kombat X Season 3 Finalist Dragon

NAME: Ryan Walker
HANDLE: cR_Dragon
HOMETOWN: Lewes, Delaware
FAVORITE CHARACTER: Sindel, but I play Alien in MKX because there is no Sindel.
TWITCH: stbDragon

ESL: What was your most memorable moment from the Season 3 qualifiers? Why does it stand out among the rest of your experiences this season?
Dragon: My most memorable moment has to be in Week 3 when I lost first round to Dark Assassin because it was a turning point for me. I had enough of losing after 3 weeks. It really made me think about my overall game plan and mindset when playing. I sat down after my loss, learned from my mistakes, and changed how I was thinking. For 3 weeks straight I wasn't playing like myself or thinking like I usually do, I was just totally depressed. After that loss everything changed and I started winning. This made me realize how much of a role your mindset has when you play the game, it's incredible.

ESL: With the Finals quickly approaching, how have you been preparing?
Dragon: I've been practicing everyday, learning every single match-up there is in the game, and trying to become the best I can be. Once the ESL qualifying weeks are over and the 16-man final bracket is set I will be able to practice more effectively since I'll know what characters I will need to practice against and whose playstyle I will need to study.

ESL: Who would you say is your biggest threat?
Dragon: My biggest threat is 100% SonicFox and I'm sure he is everyone else's biggest threat as well. He is undoubtedly the best player in MKX right now. There are still other threats though that I need to watch out for in the Finals such as A F0xy Grampa, Scar, or Madzin. I think those players, including SonicFox, will be the biggest obstacles that I need to overcome in order to win.

ESL: Who are you looking forward to facing the most in the Finals?
Dragon: I'm looking forward to facing SonicFox the most. In the end, I think it will be me and SonicFox in the Grand Finals and I believe that If I play my absolute best I have a chance to take him down.

ESL: What is your goal now that you are competing in the Season 3 Finals?
Dragon: My goal is to win and my determination is off the charts to succeed in doing so. I will train hard, put in the work, and practice. In the end, I will do my absolute best to be victorious at the ESL Season 3 Finals.

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