Meet our Guild Wars 2 Pro League Season 2 finalists!

After seven grueling weeks of competition, the Guild Wars 2 Pro League has at last found its finalists. These teams have impressively proved time and time again that they deserve their spots on the leaderboard, and each brings with them a unique philosophy to the game. With just four more weeks until the Season 2 Finals, let’s take a quick refresher course on who they are!


Rank Fifty Five Dragons

  • Oracle
  • Texbi
  • Mancow
  • Zan
  • Levin

Our first seed from Europe is, unsurprisingly, Rank Fifty Five Dragons. This team, consisting of seasoned PvP players, is all about the kind of sharpened skills that can ensure victory through a flawless understanding of the game. Rank Fifty Five Dragons, as a result, have remained undefeated for the entirety of the Pro League, and are no doubt the team to beat.

The Civilized Gentlemen

  • Lord Helseth
  • Denshee
  • R O M
  • Fraezz
  • Lord Asura

No stranger to the competitive Guild Wars 2 scene, TCG, rather than taking the well-oiled machine route, is composed of individual players who each succeed in their own right. Despite being in steady competition with the the Season 1 finalists Vermilion, these Gentlemen were able to beat them in Week 7, granting them our second EU seed for the Season 2 Finals.


Astral Authority

  • Phantaram
  • Magic Toker
  • Chaith
  • Nos
  • Wakkey

Known as the Abjured once upon a time, Astral Authority are a force to be reckoned with. Taking first place in their region in Season 1 of the Guild Wars 2 Pro League, they have established themselves as a team to beat in North America. They nearly went undefeated in Season 2, but were taken down by the relentless Team PZ in the final moments of Week 7. Astral Authority’s first match in the Season 2 Finals will be against returning champions Rank Fifty Five Dragons, which will be a rematch of the Season 1 grand finals.

Team PZ

  • javasocute
  • Zoose
  • Muffinzz
  • Kaypud
  • Paul

Our North American frontrunners Team PZ play with a philosophy that leans more towards good natured fun, rather than fierce and robotic competition. This is perhaps exactly why they were able to fight their way through the season undefeated, even managing to beat out the famed Astral Authority in Week 7 to earn themselves the advantageous #1 seed.

With the immense amount of talent and drive seeping from the competitors, the #GW2PL Season 2 Finals will be an unmissable experience. Don’t forget to buy your tickets to see it all unfold live in Burbank. If you can’t make it out, be sure to tune into the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel!

For more updates, visit the Pro League’s official website and follow ESL Guild Wars 2 on Twitter and Facebook.


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