League of Legends news recap: this week in May

Another week of League, another week of interesting news titbits. Despite the interseason lull, there has been no shortage of news, with new Fantasy Leagues, champion releases and roster announcements.

On Sunday, All-Star concluded as SK Telecom T1 K bested the Chinese OMG 3-0. With no less than 17 top tier professional matches played in Paris, there are hours of video material available to enjoy and learn from. Furthermore, Sunday brought us the release of Braum as well as the news that the Copenhagen Wolves managed to find replacements for their ADC and jungler in the form of Woolite and Aïrwaks.

Tuesday provided us with two post-All-Star Ask Me Anything topics on Reddit from Cloud 9 HyperX' LemonNation and Counter Logic Gaming's Link. Both players gave some interesting insights on how the team dynamics worked throughout the tournament and what the two teams can learn from one another.  Also, we launched our very own ESL Fantasy League for everyone to freely play around with and ggChronicle announced their majestic relaunch. 

Wednesday was the day on which Riot provided us with some elaborate insights on what their design team's mentality is going into patch 4.8 in the new patch forecast format. Also, RiotPwyff took the time to go on Reddit and explain us some core concepts behind buffing non-meta champions into viability after a player asked what's keeping Riot from buffing Maokai. Also, Gambit Gaming announced their temporary stand-in for Alex Ich: ex-Denial eSports niQ, who will be playing for at least one week while the team is looking for a permanent replacement. While Thursday saw Doublelift's return to Reddit for the first time in a while as he finally gave in to community requests for him to do an AMA. 

We ended the week with Riot launching their own Fantasy League for LCS which looks extremely promising. Unlike our own Fantasy League, which has a global ranking and salary cap system, Riot has a drafting system and 4 to 8 player Leagues in which you participate with your friends. The two systems complement each other extremely well and we hope many people enjoy playing on both Fantasy systems. 

Be sure to check out the strategic recaps we have already released this week to help you put together your team: Drafting a Fantasy Team with Joe Miller, Choosing a Midlaner, Choosing a Support. Although the articles are centered around the Salary Cap system on ESL Fantasy, the general performance overviews from last season are also relevant for in draft of your LoL Esports Fantasy roster.


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