LCS Super Week: The return of the Donger

Super Week saw some unexpected performances on both sides of the Atlantic. Let’s take a look at what happened over the last couple of days.​


The unstable Europe had some heavy action going. Notable was the appearance of Heimerdinger in two of Copenhagen Wolves’ games. The Donger played an essential role in their wins against Gambit Gaming and their direct standings competitor SUPA HOT CREW. A laudable performance was also made by Millenium, who managed to go 2-2 this week with their new jungler Kottenx, beating both Alliance and SUPA HOT CREW.

The convincing victors were SK Gaming and Fnatic, who seized the top two of the standings and secured themselves a bye in the playoffs. Millenium and newcomer SUPA HOT CREW are to be relegated to the promotion tournament.​

Team Super Week results Final results
1. SK Gaming 4-0 18-10
2. Fnatic 3-1 17-11
3. Alliance 2-2 16-12
4. ROCCAT 2-2 15-13
5. Gambit Gaming 1-3 14-14
6. Copenhagen Wolves 2-2 13-15
7. SUPA HOT CREW 0-4 10-18
8. Millenium 2-2 9-19

North America

LA’s matches were less impactful, but definitely no less exciting. Some upsets occured as Team Curse took down Counter Logic Gaming while XDG beat Team SoloMid. Despite this major victory by XDG, they didn’t manage to claim the coveted seventh spot as they lost to Evil Geniuses in the final game of the week. On the top of the standings, Cloud 9 HyperX managed to claim back their number one spot by beating Team SoloMid, who consequently went 2-2 this week.   

Team Super Week results Final results
1. Cloud 9 HyperX  4-0 24-4
2. Team SoloMid 2-2 22-6
3. Counter Logic Gaming 2-2 18-10
4. Team Dignitas 2-2 12-16
5. Team Curse 2-2 11-17
6. Team Coast 1-3 10-18
7. Evil Geniuses 2-2 8-20
8. XDG Gaming 1-3 7-21

We now wait for both regions’ Challenger Series finals and the LCS playoffs to decide who will take part in the next split’s promotion tournament.


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