LCS EU's Super Week amazes - your move, America!

Three days and 16 matches of LCS Europe showcased phenomenal League of Legends action, whetting our appetite for the playdays to come. Every European team had the chance to prove their early season strength in four matches each. Europe's reigning champion, Fnatic, put this chance to the best use possible. With four wins including victories over arch rival Gambit as well as the alleged superteam Alliance, Fnatic seems stronger than ever and quietened down the critics, who were sceptical of replacing Johannes "puszu" Uibos with the young talent Martin "Rekkles" Larsson. Fnatic's toplaner sOAZ appeared the only one able to keep up with Darien. In his other games, Darien not only dominated his lane, but also reintroduced an almost forgotten champion. SHC XD found themselves constrained to ban Warwick after seeing Copenhagen and Millenium being hunted down by Darien's Blood Hunter.

Truth be told, no less was expected of both Fnatic and Gambit, whereas the third place of the current standing was surely envisaged by another team by the community. With three wins and niche picks such as Pantheon, the Polish newcomer Roccat aroused admiration from the get-go. Meanwhile Froggen and his allies have to deal with reversed reactions. Considering the names and claims, the outcome of this week is simply too little for the heir of Team EG. Now - after three days - North America's LCS Super Week sees the European likes of Bjergsen, Krepo, yellowpete, Snoopeh and dexter participate in another three days of of League of Legends. 

America's current top teams TSM and Cloud 9 are going to open the NA Spring Season. This very match will set the morale of their rivalry. The second match could be considered Europe's most anticipated match of NA's Super Week: Team EG's first official match on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. LCS North America kicks off at 21:00 CET, be sure to tune in at


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