Fire and Ice now in balance

Day two of All-Star 2014 in Paris has concluded with the four play-offs teams determined and an even standing between Teams Ice and Fire. Even the Europeans from Fnatic managed to fight their way into the tournament after a rough start on day one. The challenges between Team Ice and Fire continued with a match played in the popular Hexakill mode. For this purpose, the teams were joined by the famous retired players Misaya and Toyz, with the former on Team Ice and the latter on Team Fire. Following Team Fire’s victory in the URF mode yesterday, their flame seems to have been extinguished as Team Ice pulled off a better double jungle and took the game.

Tomorrow, the teams (now 1-1) will face off once again in the pick 10 mode, for which the community was in charge of voting each team’s champions.

The SKT Train is rolling

Many said it before the tournament, and the analysis desk over at All-Star has joined in: the SKT hype train got rolling as the Season 3 World Champions managed to come out of all four matches they played victoriously, securing them first place in the Group Stage and the first seed in the semifinals. The Koreans’ stand-out game of the day was clearly when they faced Fnatic: an incredibly close game that they managed to close out via a clutch fight at Baron. That was not the only way it stood out though. The team had picked the exact lineup that they won the World Championship with, playing in its entirety with SKT T1 skins of their respective champions.

The European Salvation

Everything pointed towards Fnatic being eliminated as SKT beat them following their two losses on day 1. Fnatic though managed to beat TPA with smart picks and good plays (one of the highlights being their Soraka on top lane to face Lissandra), and moved on to the semi finals as lowest seed, meaning they will once again have to face SKT T1.

Playoffs that you don’t want to miss

SKT T1 against Fnatic, Cloud 9 against OMG, four of the strongest teams in the world will face off in the playoffs through the next two days. In the upper half of the bracket it’ll be Korea against Europe - Fnatic, although they lost, showed a strong performance against SKT. Can they step up their game yet another notch and beat the reigning world champions? Tune in tomorrow at 13:00 CEST for the Pick-10 match, with the Semifinals starting around 14:00. An exact schedule and more details can be found on the official website.


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