FAB remain dominant as the European Halo Championship Series: Pro League Fall Season begins!

The European Halo Championship Series: Pro League returned after the intense conclusion to the Summer Season, and the players have come out in full force to prove themselves over the next five weeks of play.

In case you missed out on the action packed Summer Finals, here’s a little snippet of some of the best bits of the weekend!


Three 3-0 results kicked off the first day of the regular season, with PuLse Gaming, Team Vibe, and FabE all coming out on top. This left Prophecy, Team Infused, and XMen trailing at the rear.

Prophecy’s BUK20 had a very shaky start to the Pro League, missing two of four rockets and using the third to kill himself while his team was triple-capped during Eden Strongholds. 

Day 2 was nearly more of the same except for the intense series between PuLse Gaming and Team Vibe. Ultimately, Team Vibe were the victor, defeating PuLse Gaming 3-2 in the only series during Week 1 that wasn’t a clean sweep. This was a big loss for Pulse Gaming as they try to prove themselves as a different team in comparison to the Summer Season,  but a strong showing from the all-French roster nevertheless!


Teams found their footing in Week 2 as everyone began putting up a decent fight, even against the god squad of FabE.

Day 1 started with Team Infused vs. XMen and Game 1 proved to be an exciting matchup. Kimbo, one of the new players who joined Team Infused after being released from FabE during the off-season, managed to earn a triple kill just falling short of the fabled Overkill!

Kimbo’s impressive plays didn’t stop there…well, kind of. During Game 4 of Truth CTF, he managed to miss a total of FIVE sword swings against XMen’s Lunny. Fortunately for Team Infused, they came through to pull out the win for this matchup.

Team Infused defeated XMen 3-2 in the second Game 5 of the European Fall Season, putting themselves back on the map after their two losses during Week 1.

The next matchup was another opportunity for the much-improved PuLse Gaming to show their strength against FabE. While fabE came out on top with a clean sweep, it didn’t stop Pulse captain SLG from going on a little tear with the Sniper Rifle during Plaza Slayer.

We also awarded MVP to the Empire barrel after many players, including Jimbo, decided to get kills with it this week.

The final series of the day was Prophecy vs. Team Vibe and it was our craziest series for far in the Pro League for one sole reason – Qristola. While the series itself was an easy victory for Team Vibe, Qristola made it seem like a matchmaking game against a team of Bronze players, especially during Game 3 of Coliseum CTF as he pulled off some of the most ridiculous sniper shots we’ve seen in the EU HCS Pro League to date.

The first series of Week 2 Day 2 was FabE vs. Team Vibe and was our personal choice for Match of the Week with the top two teams in Europe going head-to-head for the first time during the Fall Season.

We shared a poll on Twitter ahead of the series start asking for your opinion on the outcome and 73% of viewers guessed correctly that FabE would take the series against Team Vibe, which ultimately ended in a 3-1 victory. Team Vibe were able to give FabE their first map loss in the Fall Season.

The next series was Pulse Gaming vs. XMen streamed by Pulse’s SLG. XMen took the first two games and while PuLse showed promise as they took Game 3, XMen shut them down, winning Game 4 and the series.

Day 2 came to a conclusion as Team Infused took on the struggling Prophecy. For their matches this week, Team Infused subbed Havoc with former teammate Doodle. Prophecy immediately took the first two matches, but that didn’t tilt Team Infused as the squad of Batchford, Doodle, Phlux, and Kimbo pulled off the the reverse sweep to defeat Prophecy. While Prophecy now have two map wins under their belt, they have yet to win a single series two weeks into the Pro League.

With Week 1 and Week 2 now over, here is a look at the standings for all six teams:

The bigger question over the next three weeks is can Prophecy regroup and start to become the feared team we know they can be alongside Pulse Gaming?

Before we come to a close, we want to say a huge congratulations to Doodle, Warlord, Speed, and Riotz for their back-to-back victories in the EU Open Circuit last week under the team name “The Unwanted.” This week they weren’t able to pull off the 3peat as MDR 2 ended the spree!

With the amazing talent in the Open Circuit it should be interesting when it comes to relegation time later this year to see who will give the bottom two teams in the Pro League a run for their money.

If you think you have what it takes to take down some teams in the Pro League and dominate the Open Circuit, sign up for Cup #4 now!

Week 3 of the European Halo Championship Series: Pro League Fall Season kicks off on October 12, 2016 at 7:30PM BST. Be sure to tune in on the Halo Twitch channel and use #HCS on social media to get involved in the conversation.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page to keep up to date with all the HCS action. You can also find all the VoDs from the Pro League on our YouTube channel.


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