Evil Geniuses: Parting ways ahead of LCS 2014

Evil Geniuses fans, used to a stable roster filled with old, familiar faces, were sure to have suffered a bit of a shock today. Multiple rumours filled the internet concerning the future of the international EU LCS team, but none were confirmed, not until today. It has been confirmed that Snoopeh, Krepo and Yellowpete are set to move half-way across the globe to compete in the NA LCS, whilst Froggen and Wickd have formed a new alliance here in the EU LCS. The EU LCS Summer Split was where things seemed to go a little pear-shaped for fan-favourites, Evil Geniuses. To help improve the team's performance Shacker and nRated were brought in as substitutes to breathe a bit of fresh life into a team feared to have become too stagnant. Results did indeed improve and the team ended the season with a fourth place finish and Gamescom.

 (Gamescom 2013 was one of the last events for EG as we know them (More photos of ESL Events at flickr.com)

EG and Alliance: Splitting the team to dominate two continents?

When the World Championships in the United States came around, both Krepo and Snoopeh threw themselves into the NA scene. It seems as though this might have acted as somewhat of a turning point, with their increased involvement in NA soloque, scrimmages and more sealing the deal. Joined by Yellowpete, the three will stay in America for the upcoming season of League of Legends to form the new NA LCS team for Evil Geniuses. All is not lost for fans of the team: Both Froggen and Wickd will stay in Europe for the upcoming LCS season. Alliance, a well-known Dota 2 powerhouse and home to Naniwa (one of the best foreigners in the StarCraft II scene), will make its first appearance in League of Legends. Shook will also make the move to Alliance along with Lemondogs' ADC, Tabzz. The team's new Support player, Kazmitch, has yet to make his LCS debut and fans are sure to be curious as to what the newcomer will bring to the table.

Evil Geniuses Lineup

Alliance Lineup

TBA (Top) Wickd (Top)
Snoopeh (Jungle) Shook (Jungle)
TBA (Mid) Froggen (Mid)
Yellowpete (ADC) Tabzz (ADC)
Krepo (Support) Kazmitch (Support)

Battle of the Atlantic will offer both teams their first chance to show off their new lineups. Alliance will be facing Dignitas in the first European match on Saturday, whilst EG will have to qualify for NA LCS in the first of the Relegation matches on Friday night.

Friday, 13th of December - 23:00 CET Evil Geniuses vs. Contender #1
Saturday, 14th of December - 18:00 CET Alliance vs. Dignitas

Good luck to both teams in their first matches!


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