ESL to host first ever Call of Duty: Advance Warfare pro bootcamp

In a move that shows Activision’s commitment to the community for their forthcoming title, the company has partnered with ESL to bring the first ever Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pro bootcamp to gamescom 2014. Call of Duty is, without a doubt, one of the most popular franchises in gaming and has been steadily growing an eSports community over the past few years. This event will bring together ESL, Activision, Sledgehammer Games, professional players, and the community to showcase the new title and highlight its new features. 

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releases on November 4th, but will be exhibited at gamescom from August 13th-17th. Throughout the week, ESL will run feature shows, highlighting a new aspect of the game each day. CoD: Advance War promises to provide a futuristic take on a classic formula. Exo-suit abilities, new weapons, new perks, and new game modes will offer new strategies and movements never before available in a Call of Duty title. 

Competitive Call of Duty has one of the most active communities out of any title in the world. With this event, the community is taking a hands-on tour of the new title before it hits stores later this year. You’ll have a chance to see some of your favorite players go head to head in show matches broadcasted on Fans attending the event live will get to watch the show matches in person at the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare booth in Hall 6, B40 at the Cologne Exhibition Centre.

This pro bootcamp gives us a chance to show the potential of the new title to really incorporate the audience’s desires. We’re super excited to see how the Pros handle playing on the new title and what sort of interesting plays they can make. This event is hopefully just the first of many Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare events to come” said David Hiltscher, Vice President Gaming Communities at ESL.

The focus for this bootcamp is getting players from around the world to engage with the game in a new capacity. The community will be able to play and give feedback on a title which is still in development, effectively altering the course and seeing their ideas directly implemented into a future eSports title.   

12 of the best Call of Duty teams from around the world receive all-expense-paid trips to Cologne to test out the new game. As the event progresses, we will see the teams put their skills to the test and catch a glimpse of what the future of Call of Duty eSports will look like. 

The invited teams include: 

Team Kaliber, Team EnVy, Team Curse, TCM-Gaming, Epsilon Esports, Killerfish eSport, Team Vitality, Giants Gaming, Next Gaming, fab.esports, Orbit.sweden, Hypergames

Aside from giving the community a chance to check out the new title, ESL will be conducting interviews with the devs and pro players, getting community feedback, and showing off the exciting new features in store for the November 4th release. Make sure to check out our event coverage at For news on all our other events at gamescom 2014 in the ESL CM Storm Arena, check out our event hub


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