ESL rolls out the red carpet for World of Tanks in new Los Angeles studio

All upcoming League North America (WGLNA) seasons are set to be broadcast from the new ESL Studios in Los Angeles, California thanks to an extension of the working relationship between ESL and Ahead of the announcement, Mohamed Fadl (European and North American eSports Director at said:

“We are very excited to announce that our working relationship with ESL is being extended to cover the American League. Past experience with the eSports team has brought us amazing events, such as the League Grand Finals in Warsaw, Poland, and we’re confident that the future of the American League looks just as bright. – If not brighter!”

Split into three seasons, North American teams will battle it out for a chunk of the US$2,500,000 prize money set to be distributed worldwide in the 2014 League. Three seasons packed with some of the best teams worldwide await those who tune in to the WGLNA as League Grand Finals contenders, SIMP and Fnatic, return to see if they can make a repeat of their 2013 Season Three WGLNA performances.

“With a fantastic 2013 of the WGLNA, the standard was set high but I’m sure my comrades across the pond will take up the challenge and provide something truly special. Personally I cannot wait to see the rivalry between SIMP and Fnatic grow and their dominance contested as the other teams catch up.  So buckle down your hatches, grab your popcorn and get ready for the best season yet.”
- Oliver "Laughter" Maxfield (ESL TV Commentator) 

Stay tuned for more news and updates surrounding the Leagues both in Europe and North America. Schedules for shows will be released soon! 


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