Enjoy ESL's finest commentators bringing you the fight for the German title

Starting on Monday, 13th of April, the ESL German National Championship is heading into the group stage. After five cups in the games of CS:GO, League of Legends, StarCraft II as well as FIFA15 and Hearthstone, we are down to only eight participants per game. Besides streams in German, we are very happy to announce ESLs own commentators joining the scene for the groups of CS:GO, LoL and SC2 to bring you the action in English: enjoy Joe Miller, Leigh “Deman” Smith, Jason Kaplan, Alex “Machine” Richardson as well as James “Kaelaris” Carrol and Shaun “Apollo” Clark presenting the groups to you!

The ESL German National Championship so far

In CS:GO the big two names, PENTA and mousesports, needed to fight hard to gain their spots as newcomers KILLERFISH eSport started off winning the first two cups in great fashion. In the end, mousesports were still able to come out on top after good placements and winning the 3rd and 5th cup. Now, everything is evened out again and it will be interesting to see if the big two will face trouble once again in the upcoming matches.

League of Legends saw champion Playing Ducks falling behind early on and closing this season with a maximum of reaching the second round. But the field is nonetheless still very strong. With EURONICS Gaming, we saw a new team taking three cups home, while Evil Sharks and Planetkey Dynamics were able to win the other two. With last season rookies WOLVES, the former n!faculty team at mousesports and the other team, we have some good series coming our way!

With three players fighting for the top, StarCraft II had one of the best cup stages so far. Marine, Gungfubanda and GoOdy fought hard and finished only few points apart. Together with this strong trio, we will get to see some other familiar faces as Socke and HasuObs managed to qualify for the groups as well. Last but not least, Lamboking, Zeth and Tarrantius complete the field for an interesting mix of old schoolers and hungry players to compete for the title of ShoWTimE, who didn’t take a shot at defending it.

Enjoy the English streams

The next two weeks have a lot to offer with the shows starting Mondays and Tuesdays at 19:00 CEST. Check out all the dates and which commentators you get to enjoy when watching:

Monday, 13th of April

Tuesday, 14th of April

Monday and Tuesday, 20th and 21st of April

The streams: CS:GO - League of Legends - StarCraft II

We hope you enjoy this peek at the ESL German National Germany. In case you are around for the Spring Finals, taking place in Duisburg, Germany on the 2nd and 3rd of May, you can grab a ticket and enjoy CS:GO, League of Legends as well as FIFA15 in the open air location at Landschaftspark Dusiburg.


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