EMS One Katowice Qualification: Team updates including Regional Finalists

A busy weekend is behind us! With two qualifiers now complete, we now know all the teams heading towards the French and Nordic Regional Finals. We also have updates on teams moving into new gaming houses and so much more. Check out the article below for news on all the teams heading to Katowice 2014!

International Invites: iBP and VoxE to join us in Katowice

The international applications for spots from America, Asia and Australia closed yesterday. It was announced that reigning ESEA champion iBUYPOWER and Australia’s rising stars Vox Eminor are set to join us in Katowice to play for the US$250,000 prize pool!
All details and statements on iBP and VoxE being invited

Virtus.Pro is back in CS:GO, picking up AGAiN

One of the big names from the Eastern European CS scene is back! Virtus.Pro welcome the likes of TaZ, Neo, pasha, snax and byali. The team have yet to qualify, but were the first winners of the Polish qualification and are the big favorites to get a slot for Katowice.
Official announcement incl. a statement by TaZ
Coming back to the qualification itself: two cups were played this weekend. In France and the Nordic region, the tension was high as the last four spots for the Regional Finals were on the line. Did the favorites make it?

France: The French Finals are set

With the second qualifier behind us, all eight teams heading to the Regional Finals have been decided. New additions include Mistake, Evokate!, – Worth.It – and webSPELL. The teams will face off on the 7th of February. Can anyone stop ESWC Champions Clan-Mystik from taking the spot? Other teams will have another chance to make it to Katowice through the upcoming European Qualifier. Here competitors don’t have to play against the best teams from their country and must instead fight all the non-qualified teams from other regions.
French Qualifier #2 – Brackets

Nordic: SK needs to join the EU qualifier

The lucky four that made it through this weekend are some of the lesser known teams. Of the remaining big names, only ENCE managed to grab one of the spots at the Regional Finals. Their fellow Finnish team minttu also managed to obtain a spot by kicking out both SK-Gaming and nine exiled zealots, who were part of the final round of the first cup. The remaining two spots went to H2k and TBA. Only two out of eight qualified teams are Swedish – Highgrade and TBA dealt some damage and came out as national representatives of the strongest country in CS history. Meanwhile, SK Gaming’s team will have to work hard in order to prepare for the games that lie in wait in the EU Qualifiers. They will not only have to deal with the seven teams that lost out in the Nordic Finals, but also the next teams in line from all the other regions. It looks to be a tough time ahead for the former CS powerhouse!
Nordic Qualifier #2 – Brackets

The EMS One Katowice Qualification continues!

This weekend four more cups take place. The German and UK cup will determine the final four teams for the Regional Finals, while the third of fourth cups in CIS and Poland will add two more teams to the list. More details will be released on Friday!


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