EMS One Katowice Qualification: Favorites rise and fall

The first weekend of qualification is over and so the first teams to play their regional finals are set. With four qualifiers, there were quite a few upsets surrounding the "bigger" teams. Here you'll find updates on the placements including the currently qualified teams and a look at the big names that haven't yet made it through.

France: Clan-Mystik and WebOne bring their A-game

No big problems in the way for Clan-Mystik. The 2013 ESWC winner won all three matches on their way to the top four, granting them a spot to the regional finals. WebOne also played a solid tournament after winning by default in the first two rounds. The other two spots were taken by iGamerz, who kicked out Mistral in the final round, and LeetgamerZ, who showed a good overall performance. Evokate, WARMAKER and Mistral have only one more shot, and there are still other teams waiting to take a stab at Katowice.

French Qualifier #1 - Brackets

Poland: The bigger part of the Golden Five wins AGAiN!

TaZ and his mates are the winners of the first Polish qualifier. While MYM failed to show up for their match, AGAiN proved themselves worthy of their reputation throughout the tournament, winning 2-0 over AMNESIA in the final. Both of them have made it through to the regional finals, and they can now sit back and take a look at what the other teams will offer up during the next three cups.

Polish Qualifier #1 - Brackets

CIS: Na'Vi dominate the first cup

Natus Vincere once again showed why their team is still one of the biggest in the CS scene. A clear tournament with no upsets gave Starix and his mates the best position in the national finals. Runner up Divine had to play favorites Team USSR in the second round. Despite this, they stood strong and made it all the way to final, and already have a secured spot in the regional finals. Can USSR come back from this and qualify in one of the next cups?

CIS Qualifier #1 - Brackets

Nordic: n!faculty and ESC the only favorites who made it

It was a bad weekend for the Nordice region's big teams, with n!faculty being the only runner ups from DHW 2013 who made it in the first cup. While Xapso lost their first match (the second round) right away, Reason dropped out in round three. Only SK Gaming managed to reach the final stage of the cup, but lost out to Norwegian partyastronauts, who are now among the teams in the Nordic finals. Highgrade and ESC complete the top four of the first cup, leaving a lot of teams with all their hopes and dreams focused on the next cup.

Nordic Qualifier #1 - Brackets


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