Curse of Naxxramas: what Gnimsh thinks and more

Hearthstone’s eSports scene has been growing steadily recently, and following on from his first place position at IEM Katowice in March, Gnimsh has expressed his approval for the newly revealed card Poison Seeds, which will be released in the upcoming expansion Curse of Naxxramas.

The new card itself costs 4 mana, with the effect “Destroy all minions and summon 2/2 Treants to replace them”. Gnimsh voiced his approval on his Twitter account as seen below, and certainly with the number of new cards containing Deathrattle, this could be a very strong card indeed.

More recently, we’ve been given information about the breakdown of the 30 new cards themselves. There will be nine class-specific cards, with the rest being neutral. These class specific cards can only be obtained by completing the class challenges – subquests where you cannot use your own deck and instead one made by Blizzard in order to defeat your opponent and earn the card for your class.

Outside of these, we know that there will be 15 neutral cards, with one obtained after each boss. With five wings in the expansion, this likely means that there will be three bosses in each wing. Additionally, we will have five brand new legendary cards which are obtained one by one after defeating each wing.

This only totals 29 cards, and it has been speculated that the 30th card will be a further legendary card that is obtained after you collect the other 29, but there have been no official details on this yet.


With the prominent theme of the set being Deathrattle, we can expect to see some interesting changes in the eSports meta – possibly the rise of Deathrattle-themed decks, or perhaps finally a reason for Priests to use their Mass Dispel card, so look forward to catching up with pro games as the set drops sometime this summer.

We expect more information about the set to become available as we get nearer to its release, so stay tuned to the ESL website for all the key information. If you can’t wait until the new expansion drops and are eager for more Hearthstone fun, get yourself in on the action by going to and signing up for some of our amateur tournaments. Good luck, and we’ll see you in the inn.


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