Announcing the Race to the Gate tournament series!

ESL is pleased to announce that, in cooperation with Waystone Games, the first ever Dawngate competitive gameplay initiative - the Race to the Gate beta tournament series - will soon be at hand!

Between now and March 2015, when the grand final invitational tournament will occur, teams will compete in a series of four open registration qualifier tournaments to not only fight for the honor of representing their region within the world of Dawngate but also for the spoils: a handsome prize purse of US$3,000 awaits the top three teams in each of the four qualifier tournaments.

Fight for the fate of the Dawngate!

If you want to compete, team signups start today, Friday the 3rd of October 2014.

In order to compete, you will need an ESL account, so if you haven’t got one already be sure to sign up by clicking here.

The regional champions who rise from each of the four tournaments will have the opportunity to compete for a whopping US$15,000 prize pool, which will shared among the top three teams. In addition to the loot and the glory, the winning team will also help shape the story of The Dawngate Chronicles, with their region’s victory to be reflected in the living story of Dawngate.

Please note that all matches will be taking place on the North American tournament realm, and while non-NA competitors can take part, Waystone Games is not responsible for any issues that arise as the result of high latency or ping.

To the victor, the spoils…

For the preliminary tournaments, the total prize purse will be US$3,000.00, split between the teams as follows:

  • First place: $1,500
  • Second place: $1,000
  • Third place: $500

For the grand invitational tournament, the prize purse total will add up to US$15,000.00, which will be distributed among the top teams as follows:

  • First place: $7,500
  • Second place: $5,000
  • Third place: $2,500

Prepare yourself

The first tournament is set to take place in the North, where eight teams will enter the fray but only one will emerge victorious. With the first event running from Friday the 17th to Saturday the 18th of October, you’re sure to be in for some epic MOBA action whether you’re watching or taking part.

To make sure you’re kept up to date on the latest competitive Dawngate news including when and where to register, be sure to follow the game on Twitter @TheDawngate, Facebook and Twitch as well as keeping an eye on the official Race to the Gate ESL homepage.

Play Dawngate now!

Good luck, and we’ll see you in the North!


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